News 2019


2nd March

Mandy and Brian Pollard

Our first social in March was a skittles and bring and share supper evening at Launcells Parish Hall, organised by Brian and Mandy Pollard.  Three teams of skittlers soon commenced their battle with the teams chosen by drawing names out of a hat to try and make the selection fair. Team 2 consisting of Roger, Nathan, John MacDonald, Linda and Brian beat team Team 3 (consisting of Ruth, John Buckett, Karen, Mandy and Pavol) by one point!  Team 1 consisting of Robin, John Savage, Sally, Sarah and Cilla were not far behind.  The winning team chose their prizes of various packets of sweets with Brian winning the box of chocolates for being the highest scorer with 79 points (with Linda and John MacDonald getting the next highest with 71). Many thanks to those who came along and enjoyed the sociable evening and “catch up” before the start of the season next week.

Cycling Trip to Padstow

4th May

Pavol Rovensky

The cycling  trip took place on the 4th May from Wadebridge to Padstow. 10 UTLSC members  attended, which was a very good attendance looking at the fact that the trip had to be postponed for one week from the originally scheduled 27th of April (due to weather – forecasted wind gusts up to 55 mph).  However none of the scheduling troubles deterred members to attend. While the weather in Devon was wet, Cornwall  greeted us with a good amount of sunshine and some cold wind making the air very fresh and crisp.  The wind direction was from the east.

The cycling party departed Wadebridge  about 10:30 AM and we had a good cycle ride on the trail. We stopped for some coffee, as there is a new coffee booth in the middle of the trail. Some members took the opportunity for having a cup of coffee or tea.  As the trail is not long, it took us only another 30 mins to arrive to Padstow. Padstow was getting busy, the car park in the harbour was almost full, but it was unusual for Padstow to see few empty spaces in the car park. And so we marched to the pre-booked pub called the Harbour Inn, which is near by the entrance to the harbour. It is a traditional English harbour pub. They had seated us around 2 tables in the middle of the pub. We had some cold and hot drinks and some us have enjoyed the fact that the tea served was brewed from loose tea leafs, which is unusual these days. The food order and preparation took some short time, as they were serving food to both tables at once, so I can imagine that the kitchen got busy for a while. The selection of meals on the daily special board offered good selection including chicken curry and mussels, which Pavol decided to taste. The large portion was really large, more like for 2 people to share as for one.  But it was a delicious meal. All the other food was also very good.

The group decided to cycle back at 1:30.  The way back was good with a short stop in the middle to repair John’s saddle which was tilting to the back. Fortunately a spanner has been around to tighten the seat, nevertheless the problem repeated in the next mile. However we all had a good time and Mandy took some pictures to memorize the trip. It is great to be in the company of like-minded people and I look forward to the next social event with UTLSC.



Lawn Bowls at Stratton Bowling Club

Saturday 13th July

Penny Abbott

A very smart set of members of Stratton Bowling Club hosted a bowling event for a rag-bag of dinghy sailors on Saturday 13th July.

Bruce Peardon welcomed everyone, saying that they were visiting a club that was now 90 years old and tell us a bit about the club. Four teams of five players were then introduced to their coach and assistant who proceeded to give them six weeks of training in an hour! Following a delicious tea the competition began. Each player competed to represent their team in the grand final. The final was hotly contested and there was a three way tie. An extra end was needed before Cilla Gilbert became the eventual winner.

It was a great afternoon, everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

Many thanks to Stratton Bowling Club.