Race Reports 2019

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DateAM RacePM RaceRace ReportRace Photos
10th NovemberFrostbite 7Icicle 7ReportPhotos
3rd NovemberFrostbite 6Icicle 6Report
27th OctoberFrostbite 5Icicle 5ReportPhotos
20th OctoberFrostbite 4Icicle 4ReportPhotos
13th OctoberFrostbite 3Icicle 3Report
6th OctoberFrostbite 2Icicle 2ReportPhotos
29th SeptemberFrostbite 1Icicle 1No Racing
Too Windy
22nd SeptemberNo Racing
15th SeptemberL/G/G 7ChocoholicsReportPhotos
8th SeptemberCommodore 7Tamar 10ReportPhotos
1st SeptemberCup 7Pursuit 7ReportPhotos
25th August Tamar 4Sailboat 7ReportPhotos
18th AugustL/G/G 6Tamar 9ReportPhotos
11th August Commodore 6Pursuit 6ReportPhotos
4th August Commodore 3Tamar 8ReportPhotos
28th JulyCup 6Sailboat 6ReportPhotos
21st JulyL/G/G 5Pursuit 5ReportPhotos
14th JulySailboat 2 Tamar 7ReportPhotos
7th JulyCommodore 5Sailboat 5ReportPhotos
30th JuneCup 5Tamar 6ReportPhotos
23rd JuneL/G/G 4Pursuit 4ReportPhotos
16th JuneCommodore 4Sailboat 4ReportPhotos
9th JuneCup 4Tamar 5ReportPhotos
2nd JuneL/G/G 3Pursuit 3ReportPhotos
26th MayNo Racing
Too much fog!
19th MayCup 3Sailboat 3ReportPhotos
12th MayL/G/G 2Pursuit 2ReportPhotos
5th MayCommodore 2Tamar 3ReportPhotos
28th AprilCup 2ReportPhotos
21st AprilL/G/G 1Tamar 2ReportPhotos
and from the water
14th AprilCommodore 1Pursuit 1ReportPhotos
7th AprilCup 1Sailboat 1ReportPhotos
31st MarchBarnwell 7Tamar 1ReportPhotos
24th MarchBarnwell 5Barnwell 6ReportPhotos