Race Reports 2020

Racing was suspended at the end of March because of Covid-19.

Racing began again on 12th July. All races until 19 Sep were used to calculate series winners.



Winners of the Covid-19 Series 2020


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1st Race
2nd Race
Race Photos
Race Report
Wed4th NovemberPhotosReport
18th OctoberAutumn 6Autumn 7Report with Photos
Wed14th OctoberReport with Photos
11th OctoberAutumn 4Autumn 5Report with Photos
Wed7th OctoberReport with Photos
27th September Frostbite 2Icicle 2 = Autumn 3Report and photos
Wed23rd SeptemberCovid 19 Wednesday R7Report with Photos
20th September Frostbite 1 = Autumn 1Icicle 1 = Autumn 2Report with Photos
13th SeptemberCovid-19 Sunday R17Covid-19 Sunday R18Report with Photos
Wed9th SeptemberCovid 19 Wednesday R6Report
6th SeptemberCovid-19 Sunday R15Covid-19 Sunday R16Report with Photos
Wed2nd SeptemberCovid-19 Wednesday R5Report with Photos


30th AugustCovid-19 Sunday R13Covid-19 Sunday R14Report with Photos
Wed26th AugustCovid-19 Wednesday R4Report with Photos
23rd AugustCovid-19 Sunday R11Covid-19 Sunday R12Report with Photos
16th AugustCovid-19 Sunday R10Report
9th AugustCovid-19 Sunday R8Covid-19 Sunday R9PhotosReport
2nd AugustCovid-19 Sunday R6Covid-19 Sunday R7Report with Photos


Wed29th JulyCovid-19 Wednesday R3Report with Photos
26th JulyCovid-19 Sunday R4Covid-19 Sunday R5Report
Wed22nd JulyCovid-19 Wednesday R2Report
19th JulyCovid-19 Sunday R2Covid-19 Sunday R3Photos from Adam
Photos from Robin
Wed15th JulyCovid-19 Wednesday R1Report
12th JulyCovid-19 Sunday R1Report


This is what happened before Lockdown

1st Race
2nd / 3rd Race
Race Photos
Race Report
11th OctoberFrostbite 3color=#258105>Icicle 3
15th MarchBarnwell 4Barnwell 5No racing again this Sunday,
not much wind when we got
there and only 3 boats that
might have gone out.
8th MarchBarnwell 2Barnwell 3This time the weather was not kind.
So no racing.
1st MarchScrub up Barnwell 1More sun than forecast,
less wind than forecast
but not enough sailors for a race.
What a pity!