‘Push The Boat Out’ Day – Saturday 12th May

Anyone for Croquet?

Saturday 5th May

I put on my suncream and hat and wandered over to Rosies cafe for lunch looking forward to a hot sunny afternoon of croquet. After a very pleasant lunch we exited to be met with thick sea mist which was VERY cold. Luckily we could still see the croquet ground – so we made our way there to be met by several very welcoming Croquet Club members. They introduced themselves to us and us to the equipment. Several minutes of practise followed with quite a bit of laughter – it’s a bit harder than it looks. We were then divided up into 4 groups to play matches. 2 against 2 – some husbands and wives playing together and some against each other. There was much hilarity as people attempted to get in their opponents way with unintended consequences. There was some amazing shots – through hoops from a distance or in off when trying something else – luck or skill? Everyone was far too cold to stay after the first round of matches, which was sad as the Croquet Club had provided cold drinks and cake. Several people are interested in playing again. It would be good to give it another try – when it is warm and sunny or we have warmer clothing.


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Croyde Walk

by Jane Chadney

Saturday 21st April. Ten humans and one dog met just north of Croyde. Having suffered a couple of chilly sea mist days on the coast it was wonderful to see and feel the sun on our backs and sparkling on the sea. There was black wooly sheep with young lambs grazing on the cliffs as we walked out along towards Baggy Point. We were about to turn inland when some rogue members decided to walk to the pointy bit. Sadly no seals were spotted but there was some discussion about the starboard buoy off the end, was it really part of the buoyage for the Bristol Channel? We continued along the cliffs admiring the late spring flowers and sniffing the coconut smelling gorse until we stood looking down across Morte bay.

Dave mentioned that as a child he had lived nearby and walked along the beach from Putsborough to Woolacombe to get chips. Geoff and Denise had had their wedding reception at a hotel in Putsborough which was the last event before it had closed to become a very smart set of flats. What wonderful memories to a fantastic view. We walked down to the beach to have our picnic.

It was beautiful and warm. Kids were playing in the rock pools, several people were surfing and some were even swimming without wetsuits. So we decided to take a paddle. The water was very cold.

After lunch we walked back across the ridge enjoying looking at tasty looking lambs and alarming a few sky larks. We followed a path between the fields until we arrived back in Croyde and enjoyed a visit to the tea rooms before returning home.

Many thanks to Jane for a lovely day.

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Paul Anderson – talk on ‘Mine’s Bigger Than Yours’


A large crowd of club sailors gathered in the Grenville Rooms at Kilkhampton for a long-awaited (the first date had to be postponed because of worries about the weather when driving home) talk by Paul Anderson on the highlights of his long seafaring career as an officer and captain on oil tankers. Paul’s talk was illustrated by a highly impressive collection of slides, which gave a good insight into what life was like on board a supertanker, as well as an overview of some of the places visited. Perhaps the highlight of the talk was Paul’s moving account of a rescue at sea, in which all but one of the crew of a sinking ship were saved. The sheer scale of the tankers on which Paul sailed was sometimes hard to grasp, especially as they increased vastly in size during his long career – trying to imagine them floating on Upper Tamar (they wouldn’t) was an interesting exercise; Paul’s title for the talk of ‘Mine’s Bigger Than Yours’ was in this case definitely an understatement.

Prior to the talk, Nicky Buckett went into chef mode and provided a cooked meal (a choice of lasagne or vegetarian shepard’s pie) for the assembled throng – quite an achievement because of the numbers involved, but made a bit easier by the Grenville Room’s amazingly well-equipped kitchen, with four ovens and a commercial-speed (3 minute!) dishwasher.

Many thanks to Paul and Nicky and also for the extra help from Linda and Robin Spiller; thanks also to Mandy for the photos.

Skittles – Launcells Village Hall

A big thank you to everyone who turned up at Launcells Parish Hall, Grimscott, on such a chilly evening to enjoy a social game of skittles and a bring a share supper.  We ended up splitting everyone into 3 teams of 6 players.  The group included club members such as Brian, Adam and Ruth, seasoned players from local skittle leagues (who all bowled with aplomb), whilst others of us set our sights rather lower.  The picking of  the teams was obviously done with some skill, because it was a closely contested match, with not much difference in the final scores.  At the end of the evening the winning team of Geoff and Joe Floyd, Cilla, Sue, Brian and Nathan scored 262 points with the remaining two teams both scoring 235.  Each winning team member went home with a small prize, with Robin taking the Easter Egg home for the highest score of 58, with Brian scoring 55 and Nathan scoring 51.

Thanks to Mandy Pollard for both writing the report and for the photographs

Meddon Village Hall Wine and Wisdom

Ten intrepid Sailing Club members (excluding the addition of the author), took part in Meddons monthly Wine and Wisdom Quiz Night on Friday January 26th.  As is usual at the quiz, there was a pretty competitive spirit and a lot of friendly banter going on. This was heightened by the fact that the Club had enough for one team of the maximum number of 8 people, which meant that three club members joined another team who were short on members and so were in opposition.

It seemed from comments received, that club members enjoyed their evening and Meddon have offered that the club are welcome to send a team every month.  Jenny Dabbs and Sue Murray both came out as winners in the playing card bingo whilst the ‘In Opposition Team’ managed to share the winners spoils with two of the resident teams.

My personal thanks to everybody who came and for flying the club flag so well.

Thanks to Roger Heasman for writing the report and to Sue Murray for the photographs