Sailing Programme – Covid-19 2020

Frostbite & Icicle Series start 20th September


20Frostbite 1Icicle 1
27Frostbite 2Icicle 2


4FISHING Frostbite 3Icicle 3
11Frostbite 4Icicle 4
18Frostbite 5Icicle 5
25Frostbite 6Icicle 6


1Frostbite 7Icicle 7
SAFETY BOAT Duties to be assigned

Wednesdays – no races planned but if any races are run they will count towards the Midweek Mug and TeaTime Tankard series. Check Facebook or WhatsApp member groups to find out if others are going sailing.

RACING started on Sunday 12th July

The following conditions still remain

  • There will be NO OOD.
  • There will be NO FLAGs.
  • There will be no results on the day (unless John Duncalf does them!).
  • Penny will post results on the club website ASAP.

Races will be started by a

  • Race Time Keeper.  Someone onshore who volunteers to start the race and keep a record of finish times. See Race Time Keeper instructions
  • John Duncalf has kindly volunteered to be Race Time Keeper for Sundays in July. And continued in August and September.
  • If you are willing to volunteer please let Nicky ( know

or a

  • Race Starter. Someone willing to press the starting horn through the window of the race hut. They could be a competitor if they were confident they could launch their boat in time to start the race). See the Race Competitor instructions

Time keeping


All races until 19 Sep will be used to calculate series winners.

Sunday series

  • Sailboat – best 5 results in any class
  • Tamar – best 5 results in the same class
  • Commodore’s Cup – best 5 results in any class using personal PNs
  • Aegeter Cup – best 5 results in a double hander
  • Harman Cup – best 5 results in a single hander
  • Ladies Cup – best 5 results by a female helm
  • Mens Cup – best 5 results by a male helm

Wednesday series

  • Midweek Mug – best 5 results in any class
  • Teatime Tankard – best 5 results in any class using personal PNs


SUNDAY RACES start at 1200hrs and 1430hrs

Sunday 13 Sept – there was a Fishing competition so thank you for staying well away from the banks.

WEDNESDAY RACES start at 1430hrs



Please make sure you know your Rules of Road and Racing Rules for 2020.

Sportsmanship and the rules.  Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty or retire.

Starting signals, Boats must be off the pontoon and sailing or their crew stood in the water holding the boat afloat, by the four minute signal.

Penalties reminder: 

Touching a mark, 360 turn (1 tack and 1 gybe)

Any other infringement of the rules 720 turn (2 tacks and 2 gybes).

Penalties to be taken in clear water away from other race boats, before the next mark and in as close a continuous cycle as conditions permit.


Last Updated 13th September 2020