COVID in 2021

Sailing Programme and Covid 19
26th March 2021

Let’s get sailing and racing!

By now we are all familiar with Government advice with respect to Coronavirus. So please do NOT come to the lake if you or any member of your household have symptoms. (You would have thought this was obvious!!!)

To get out on the water you need to

    • be a member of the SWLT before you arrive at the lake – see Join the Club
    • be completely comfortable in your ability in the prevailing conditions (the club recommends a masthead float)

In order for you to assess your own risk in coming to the lake you need to know

Tamar centre will open 2 April.

      • Safety boat cover will be available for first races scheduled 4 April and every Sunday, James is covering some of Easter and Tom will cover the rest. The Trust is currently seeking to appoint cover 5 days a week from May when safety boat cover will be available Sunday and Wednesday for racing.
      • From Friday 2 April 3 public toilets will be open and cleaned 2x a day. This will be for 2 weeks and the usage will be monitored after that, presumably as children will be back at school.
      • The shower block will be shut with no access to toilets in there.

 12 April campsite open but only for self sufficient campers with their own toilet and shower facilities  – Shower block  and toilets still closed.

 17 May shower block open for toilets and showers for members and campers

When you are at the club:

Sign in.    Please ask Vicki to sign you in. This is so we have a record for Track & Trace.

Race Hut

  • Access to the Race Hut is restricted to one person at a time. Ideally to one person (OOD) per day.
  • The windows should be open at all times.

Rigging, Launching & Retrieval

  • Ascertain whether the boat to be launched has been handled by others in the previous three days. If so, sanitise thoroughly.
    • sanitise your hands
    • before & after wipe down with disposable disinfected wipes or disinfectant spray and paper towels and put them in the black bag provided
  • Observe current government social distancing when taking the boat to and from the boat park and up and down the slipway.
  • Do not launch or retrieve when other boats are being launched or retrieved. Only one boat at a time is permitted on the slipway.
  • Helms launching from the shore should maintain spacing in line with current social distancing guidelines between themselves and other sailors, choosing locations to left and right of the pontoon and making use of the ‘beach’ nearer the dam.
  • To assist the safety boat righting lines, masthead floats and long painters are advised.
  • On returning to shore helms should ensure a landing with suitable social distancing which may require waiting until a space on the shore or pontoon has been cleared.
  • Sailors already ashore need to be aware of other helms wanting to come ashore and position their boat on allowing provision for others to come ashore.
  • Where helms may need assistance to retrieve their boats to launch or pull them up the slipway. Helpers should ask if help is required and if so, the helm should indicate how assistance can be given.  Helper’s hands should be sanitised before and after giving assistance.
  • In some situations, it may be safer to use a vehicle to pull boats up the slipway.


  • Maintain current government social distancing on site
  • Frequent washing or sanitising of hands using available SWLT sanitisers and UTLSC sanitiser
  • Only enter race hut if permitted user for the day – ideally one person per day
  • Clean club equipment before and after use with the disposable disinfected wipes or disinfectant spray & paper towels provided  e.g. chairs, hand shears etc
  • Three suggested areas for socially distanced groups of MAX 6 people:
    1. grassy area at top of boat park behind racehut
    2. bench tarmac area.
    3. tarmac in front of racehut
  • On wet days use your own car – until May 17 when the changing rooms become available

The advice given in this and related pages will be reviewed regularly and updated appropriately. Risk Assessment documents can be found on the Useful Information > Downloads page.

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