No Quibble OOD list 2020

From 20 September we have a No Quibble OOD list.

If there is no volunteer OOD for the day, for example John Duncalf was volunteering earlier in the seasonand may do so for the Frostbite and Icicle but if he or another volunteer is not present  the OOD for the day will be the person nearest the top of the list present on the day.

If the top person is not present then the next person down on the list present is expected to do the duty. If you are next to be OOD and are not able to attend it would be appreciated if you could let the next person know.

Once you have done a duty tick off your name and date it. If all the names get ticked off then the list will be started again from the top. Any additional sailors to the series should add their names to the bottom of the list.

Those sailing together are counted as one due to the current situation so they are not penalised by both having to do a duty each so potentially missing two races instead of one compared to single handers.

MemberSafety Boat QualifiedDate of OOD/ Safety Boat duty
Adam Hilton11 Oct 2020
Jane Anderson27 Sep 2020
Vicki Duncalf18 Oct 2020
Linda Spiller11 Oct 2020
Sue MurrayYes18 Oct 2020
Roger Heasman / Sally Wills
Penny AbbottYes
Geoff Floyd
Graham Joyce
Paul Anderson20 Sep 2020
Colin & Louise Witchell
John & Nicky Buckett
John Dabbs
Robin Spiller
Bob SampsonYes18 Oct 2020
11 Oct 2020