27th September 2020 Race Reports

Frostbite 2

On a blustery but sunny morning only 3 boats took to the water, all well reefed. Astonishingly, all three boats were over the line at the start, so a General Recall had to be sounded & the starting sequence bean again! All OK with John leading, Vicki next and Melanie third as they made their way up to the mark in the middle of the lake, then taking a sharp port rounding of Middle Mark and on to the west side of the lake to round West White Mark. All boats were well challenged on the next leg to the very north if the lake and then it was a choice of which side to out your sail for the dead run down to Home 2 (in the middle of the lake for a sharp turn left to Inlet mark on the east bank of the lake). Two chose starboard tack and the Topper port tack – which seemed to pay off as Vicki caught up the lead Bosun of Melanie & Bob on the way to Inlet. The wind died on the second lap with Vicki keeping well up with Melanie. John Dabbs, slightly hampered by the extra crew and on a reefed sail, bought up the rear.

Exclude Rank HelmName CrewName Class PN Elapsed Corrected
1 Vicki Duncalf TOPPER 1334 0:48:30 0:36:21
X Melanie Sampson Bob Sampson BOSUN 1234 0:46:17 0:37:30
2 John Dabbs Paul Petvin & Penny Abbott BOSUN 1234 0:58:50 0:47:41
Jane Anderson OOD

Icicle 2

With winds moderating six boats set off in the afternoon. Vicki and Melanie & Bob had shaken out their reefs. Linda Spiller, Laser 4.7, had a cracking start closely followed by Melanie in the Bosun and Vicki’s Topper. Melanie (Bosun), Linda (Laser 4.7), Robin (Streaker Wave), Vicki (Topper), Penny (Laser 4.7), John (Bosun) was the order rounding Middle Mark. Melanie building a substantial lead on her way to Pinky Mark. At the beginning of lap 2 the positions had hardly changed, the Topper and Bosun of John dropping back a little. By the start of the last lap the fleet was well spaced with the Bosun of Melanie & Bob leading followed by both Laser 4.7s, the Streaker Wave, Topper and Bosun of John & Paul. And that was how the race ended.

Exclude Rank HelmName CrewName Class PN Elapsed Corrected
X Melanie Sampson Bob Sampson BOSUN 1234 0:38:55 0:31:32
1 Linda Spiller LASER 4.7 1190 0:41:17 0:34:42
2 Penny Abbott LASER 4.7 1190 0:41:27 0:34:50
3 Vicki Duncalf TOPPER 1334 0:46:37 0:34:57
4 Robin Spiller Streaker Wave 1217 0:43:32 0:35:46
5 John Dabbs Paul Petvin BOSUN 1234 0:50:40 0:41:04
Jane Anderson OOD

Thanks to Jane Anderson who ran the races and Robin Spiller for the photos