Wednesday 12th May 2021 Race Report

Midweek Mug 2

The winds were gentle and shifted further south between when Penny Abbott (OOD) set the course and when the fleet started sailing it. The sky was grey and leaked a light but wetting rain throughout.

Eight boats started and finished the race. John Dabbs (with, very nice to see her, Jane Chadney, Bosun) and Adam Hilton (Solo) got a bit too near the start line and had to turn back, allowing the Spillers (Linda, Laser Full, Robin, Streaker) to get away, with Robin rounding the first buoy, Dam Green, first. Two Solos followed them, Adam Hilton’s in front of Geoff Floyd’s. Then came the double-handers; John Dabbs leading Roger Heasman (Sally Wills crewing). Leila Farmer under the tutelage of Bob Sampson (Hartley12) led Colin and Louise Witchell (Bosun; nice to see them back on the water) The race then got a bit processional although Linda Spiller got past Robin between West and Middle on lap 1 and drew away and Adam Hilton got past him at West on lap 2. Apart from rudely shoving Geoff Floyd down the order from fourth on the water, applying the handicaps made no difference to the results.

  1. Rank Class HelmName CrewName Rating Elapsed Corrected
    1 LASER Linda Spiller 1075 0:35:10 0:32:43
    2 SOLO Adam Hilton 1144 0:37:48 0:33:03
    3 STREAKER Robin Spiller 1134 0:38:26 0:33:54
    4 BOSUN John Dabbs Jane Chadney 1233 0:44:32 0:36:07
    5 BOSUN Roger Heasman Sally Wills 1233 0:45:41 0:37:03
    6 SOLO Geoff Floyd 1144 0:42:31 0:37:10
    7 HARTLEY 12.2 Leila Farmer Bob Sampson 1188 0:49:27 0:41:37
    8 BOSUN Colin Witchell Louise Witchell 1233 0:57:46 0:46:51

Grateful thanks were given to Penny Abbott, Officer of the Day.