Wednesday 30th June 2021 Race Report

Teatime Tankard 3

The sun was strong enough to make one want to sit in the shade, the wind was strong enough to take one up and down the Lake and the Lake itself looked beautiful. Sue Murray (Laser Radial) and Linda Spiller (Laser Full) were across the start line first, beating towards Zebra, bearing away slightly to go to Inlet, beating across to West and reaching to Pinky, before staring the long run back to Dam Green. In the course of this lap Linda established a lead over Sue that she gradually stretched for the rest of the race, finishing two and a half minutes ahead. Bob Sampson, trying out the Club Wayfarer on his own, seemed attached by a rope to the stern of Sue Murray’s Laser once he had established himself ahead of Robin Spiller (Streaker), Adam Hilton (Solo) and Graham Joyce (Laser Full). He ended the race twelve seconds behind Sue. The Streaker, Solo and Laser changed places a time or two in front of John Dabbs, sailing his Bosun solo, who headed the rest of the fleet. The handicaps tossed the order up in the air. Colin and Louise Witchell (Bosun) may have crossed the line last but are now moving up the fleet when handicaps are applied.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 John Dabbs BOSUN 1233 00:46:33 0:37:45
2 Linda Spiller LASER 1075 00:40:57 0:38:06
3 Sue Murray LASER RADIAL 1113 00:42:25 0:38:07
4 Adam Hilton SOLO 1144 00:43:50 0:38:19
5 Bob Sampson WAYFARER 1102 00:42:37 0:38:40
6 Robin Spiller STREAKER 1134 00:44:27 0:39:12
7 Colin Witchell Louise Witchell BOSUN 1233 00:50:59 0:41:21
8 Graham Joyce LASER 1075 00:44:54 0:41:46
9 Geoff Floyd SOLO 1144 00:48:45 0:42:37


Teatime Plate 6

Linda Spiller and Sue Murray decided to start on starboard whereas Bob Sampson came from port. Linda called starboard on Bob who ducked under her stern, nearly compromising Graham Joyce, also on the starboard tack. Linda again led, although coming back on the run to Dam Green she and Sue were neck and neck with the Wayfarer similarly side by side with Adam Hilton’s Solo and Graham Joyce just behind. On the second lap the Adam managed to establish his lead over the Sampson Wayfarer and the fleet in general spread out. Geoff Floyd had the alarming experience of having the boom of his Solo come out of the goose neck. The handicaps again gave John Dabbs the victory, brought Adam Hilton’s Solo up to second and put Sue Murray’s Radial ahead of Linda Spiller’s Full.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 John Dabbs BOSUN 1233 00:46:11 0:37:27
2 Adam Hilton SOLO 1144 00:44:00 0:38:28
3 Sue Murray LASER RADIAL 1113 00:42:50 0:38:29
4 Linda Spiller LASER 1075 00:41:30 0:38:36
5 Bob Sampson WAYFARER 1102 00:44:15 0:40:09
6 Graham Joyce LASER 1075 00:44:53 0:41:45
7 Geoff Floyd SOLO 1144 RET

Thank you, Roger Heasman, for running the races.