Wednesday 4th August 2021 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Teatime Tankard 8

John Buckett’s Otter was first away on a day of very light and variable northerlies with hazy sunshine. But the Otter didn’t point as high as Linda Spiller’s Laser (Full) or Adam Hilton’s Solo and they were the boats leading at the first mark, Inlet. The Solo got all the luck with the mini-gusts and was first at the end of lap 1, finishing lap 2 (and the race) five minutes in front of the Laser. Robin Spiller’s Streaker simply wouldn’t make forward progress, slow-motion tacking from one bank to the other in more or less the same place. Robin retired it. Roger Heasman, sailing his Bosun single-handed, overtook John Buckett but was only fourteen seconds ahead at the finish. Colin and Louise Witchell brought their Bosun in another five minutes later.

  1. Adam Hilton (Solo)
  2. John Buckett (Otter)
  3. Roger Heasman (Bosun)
  4. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)
  5. Colin and Louise Witchell (Bosun)

Retired:Robin Spiller (Streaker)


Roger’s Bosuns 3

Brian and Nathan Pollard’s Bosun led over the line, followed by Roger Heasman now with Linda Spiller crewing, Adam Hilton with John Buckett and then the Witchell Bosun. Bob Sampson, generously taking over OOD duties, had changed the course to avoid the worst of the Pinkie doldrums and the first mark was West White which Roger Heasman just reached before Brian Pollard. There was then a very close race back to Zebra where Brian had the inside line and went round first. He kept the place at Middle but then Roger handed him the victory by going the wrong way round the buoy and having to return when he realised. The Hilton/Bucket Bosun was struggling; the skipper not easily making the transition from Solo to Bosun. Colin and Louise were not far behind at Zebra. Roger managed to regain second place by overtaking Adam before West White.

  1. Brian and Nathan Pollard (Bosun)
  2. Roger Heasman and Linda Spiller (Bosun
  3. Adam Hilton and John Buckett (Bosun)
  4. Colin and Louise Witchell (Bosun)

Bob Sampson magnanimously took over as Officer Of the Day so that Adam Hilton’s Bosun could boost the numbers in the Bosun race.