19th June 2022 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Nathan Pollard

Bosun Algae 4

Blue-green algae in the waters of Upper Tamar Lake have, for more than a month, stopped, or more recently, restricted water sports at the site. Since being allowed to take to the water again the Sailing Club has turned to its fleet of double-handed Bosuns as less likely to capsize or soak their crews. Three regular Bosun crews, Brian Pollard with Cilla Gilbert, John Dabbs with Linda Spiller and Roger Heasman with David Perrett, were joined by Adam Hilton (with Robin Spiller) in his rarely used Bosun and by Bob Sampson with Sue Murray in one of the Club’s own boats. Adding to the hazards of sailing were force 4 north-easterly winds with gusts of greater strength and variable direction. Three of the Bosuns chose to fly cut down suits of sails; only the Pollard/Gilbert and Sampson/Murray boats staying with the regular sails.

Brian Pollard got his craft over the start line first with Roger Heasman second and John Dabbs third. However Bob Sampson, last to start, soon overhauled the rest and led at the end of all four laps. Roger Heasman’s race was somewhat handicapped by coming across a very slow moving Hilton/Spiller boat rounding Inlet, having to turn away from that buoy and taking some time to get out into the main breeze again. The two big-sailed Bosuns did finish first and second but John Dabb’s Bosun with a small mainsail was only a couple of minutes behind.

  1. Bob Sampson and Sue Murray (Bosun)
  2. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  3. John Dabbs and Linda Spiller (Bosun),
  4. Adam Hilton and Robin Spiller (Bosun)
  5. Roger Heasman and David Perrett (Bosun)


Bosun Algae 5

Sue Murray now took over the helm of the Club Bosun and the fleet was reduced to four boats. At the first start two boats were over the line and had to be recalled. At the restart Roger Heasman got away first but couldn’t maintain the lead dropping to third at the end of the first lap, to fourth at the end of the second and having the misfortune to fall out of the boat on the fourth. He retired. Sue Murray had taken the lead before the end of lap 1 with Brian Pollard taking until the third lap to get past the smaller sailed boats and hold second place until the end.

  1. Sue Murray and Bob Sampson (Bosun)
  2. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  3. John Dabbs and Linda Spiller (Bosun)

Retired: Roger Heasman and David Perrett (Bosun)

Grateful thanks were given to Nathan Pollard who ran the races.