Wednesday 13th July 2022 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Leila Farmer

Bosuns Blue-Green 9

There were some fresh little winds coming from the northwest and the temperature was down to 18 degrees; sailors had to add a layer of clothing! Ethan Walker had the Club Bosun with Bob Sampson as mentor. Louise Witchell crewed for John Dabbs and Leila Farmer for Adam Hilton. Roger Heasman was supported by David Perrett, as has become the norm. John Dabbs was away first with Ethan Walker following. This pair diced throughout the race. Adam Hilton was next and his Bosun swapped places with Roger Heasman several times before the Hilton jib halyard came loose and he lost time. The first buoy was Inlet and the hill behind made it really hard to get round.

  1. Ethan Walker and Bob Sampson (Bosun)
  2. John Dabbs and Louise Witchell (Bosun)
  3. Roger Heasman and David Perrett (Bosun)
  4. Adam Hilton and Leila Farmer (Bosun)


Bosuns Blue-Green 10

This was a race in which everyone had a go at leading as well as having a turn bringing up the rear. John Dabbs got away first, tacked fairly early and found himself having to duck behind the Heasman transom. He probably retook the lead on the way to Inlet but it was very close at the buoy and Roger had the inside line and got away first towards Middle while the Dabbs sails flapped in the lea of the hill. On the way to Pinkie John again tacked early but got no benefit, losing water to Ethan. Close to Pinkie there was little space, what with fishermen on Cornwall and the low water. Multiple tacks were required to get round. Ethan was first, John second. On the way to West three goose-winging Bosuns lined up but the order stayed the same until after Dam Green when John did best tacking to Inlet. However it was Ethan who made up ground on the way to Pinkie, was first around West and then increased his lead. John fell back towards Roger but was still ahead of him at the end of an eventful two lap race.

  1. Ethan Walker and Bob Sampson (Bosun)
  2. John Dabbs and Louise Witchell (Bosun)
  3. David Perrett and Roger Heasman (Bosun)

Bob Sampson was down to OOD but was needed in a boat. Adam Hilton and Leila Farmer ran the second race and she took the photos.