7th August 2022 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Mandy Pollard

Commodore Cup 2 (National PNs)

The water in Tamar Lake continues to drop making it too shallow to get to West. In addition a big fishing competition meant there was too little space between the fishing lines to get into Inlet or go further north than Middle. So a new buoy was dropped, west of Middle, to add a little breadth to the course. But the sun shone and there was more wind than the force 1s and 2s forecast with the result that two excellent races took place.

The winds being from points around north, with occasional decidedly eastern gusts, reaching Middle meant tacking and Penny Abbott, who was running the races, made sure those tacks were important by demanding that Zebra be taken to starboard but Home 2 and Middle be taken to port.  Vicki Duncalf’s Topper was first over the line but it was Nathan Pollard’s Laser that passed Home 2 in first place with Bob Sampson’s sister Laser chasing and John Dabbs’ Bosun, with David Perrett, in third. By the time they reached the new western buoy, tentatively called New Dabbs after the hero who dropped it, Adam Hilton’s Solo had taken third place and Brian Pollard, with Cilla Gilbert, had caught up the other Bosun. Thereafter the order changed little, the two Lasers lapping the rear of the field on the last lap.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Nathan Pollard LASER 1100 0:33:40 0:30:36
2 Bob Sampson LASER 1100 0:33:58 0:30:53
3 John Dabbs BOSUN 1232 0:39:46 0:32:17
4 Adam Hilton SOLO 1142 0:37:00 0:32:24
5 Vicki Duncalf TOPPER 1365 0:45:44 0:33:30
6 Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert BOSUN 1232 0:44:51 0:36:24
7 Graham Joyce LASER 1100 RET
8 Penny Abbott OOD


Spalding Cup 2 (UTLSC PNs)

The wind had come round more to the north which made the startline windward buoy a very congested place with the result that the first start was recalled with boats prematurely over the line. At the second start the Solo of Adam Hilton was first and led up the course although to leeward of the warring Lasers of Bob Sampson and Nathan Pollard who arrived at the northernmost buoy in front. The Solo got stuck in irons, allowed the whole field to pass and spent the rest of the race recovering. The Lasers continued to battle, Bob Sampson ending lap 1 in front but Nathan Pollard leading at the end of each subsequent lap. The two Bosuns were also locked in conflict after Brian Pollard had made up for a slow start and led the Dabbs Bosun for the first two laps. Lap 3 was epic with the Bosun order reversing at Home 2 and again at Middle with the two boats very close at Dam Green; Dabbs just ahead. The Officer of the Day had added an extra buoy to add spice to the rather featureless run back towards the Dam. So many buoys to round caught out Graham Joyce who having a fine race in his Laser; he had to retire after going the wrong side of Zebra. The handicaps tossed the order in the air, with Vicki Duncalf, who had finished this race last but much closer to the faster boats than in the previous race, being awarded first place.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Vicki Duncalf TOPPER 1334 0:42:58 0:32:13
2 John Dabbs David Perrett BOSUN 1236 0:40:07 0:32:27
3 Nathan Pollard LASER 1075 0:35:18 0:32:50
4 Bob Sampson LASER 1075 0:35:46 0:33:16
5 Adam Hilton SOLO 1143 0:38:16 0:33:29
6 Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert BOSUN 1236 0:41:39 0:33:42
7 Graham Joyce LASER 1075 RET
8 Penny Abbott OOD

Penny Abbott was Officer Of the Day; Mandy Pollard took the photos. Many thanks to both of them.