9th October 2022 Race Report

by Sue Murray

Linda Spiller

@ Roadford Lake

A mild but blustery October morning . The forecast wind was not in evidence at 10.30 but by the start of the race started at 11.30 the full force of the wind was evident. The three weather forecasts I checked in the morning said 17mph gusting 23 -25 mph.

Bob, in Laser radial and  Linda and Sue with 4.7 sails. Dry capsizes for Bob and Sue before the start was hopefully not a sign of what was to come.

The start line was crowded with approx 12 boats made more confusing with Exeter Uni squad out blowing whistles every minute to tack or gybe.

The first lap saw Tamar boats keeping up with the fleet but with a beat the whole  length of the lake and strengthening wind we struggled to keep up.

After overtaking Sue on the beat Linda touched a buoy and got disheartened and retired.

I didn’t see much then from the very back of the fleet, it was survival mode for me to complete the race.  Bob was doing well in his radial .

One race was enough for the Tamar sailors .

David did very well , out on the water for over an hour in his Solo practising his down wind sailing techniques.

Once again a warm welcome was received by Roadford SC .