Wednesday 24th May 2023 Race Report

by Penny Abbott

Midweek Mug 5

Roger Heasman, with Dave Perrett crewing in a Bosun, was in danger of crossing the line before the start gun so had to let loose his sails. This allowed John Dabbs, with Leila Farmer crewing in another Bosun, to cross the line not far behind Roger but moving much faster. Louise Witchell, with Colin crewing in the 3rd Bosun, had decided to put up smaller sails as it was quite gusty, was not far behind. John & Leila, pointing higher than Roger & Dave made it to Inlet first. The order didn’t change again and the gaps got larger over the 3 laps – I, M, Pk, Ww, H1, Dg, H1.

  1. John Dabbs & Leila Farmer (Bosun)
  2. Roger Heasman & Dave Perrett (Bosun)
  3. Louise & Colin Witchell (Bosun)

Thanks to Bob Sampson for running the races


Teatime Plate 1

There were only 2 competitors so the race was cancelled.

It was nice to see 3 other boats out on the water. Ian Chatterton came for a sail in his Enterprise. Two members from Instow brought their Comet Versa. And Leila took out her friend Rick in her Hartley 12.2 before the race. Hopefully we will see them again.