2nd July 2023 Race Report

by Paul Anderson

Mandy Pollard

Bosuns PLUS 3

Paul Anderson set a difficult course at the 1 o’clock race in blustery conditions. Preparing for the race were 4 Bosun’s 3 Laser 4.7’s and 2 Toppers and during the warm up 2 of the Bosun’s had alrerady decided that it would be too much for them and did not start. At the gun, it was Nathan Pollard away first in his Laser 4.7 closely followed by Roger Heasman’s Bosun and the rest of the fleet. In a gruelling first lap that included 3 jibes, Jane Anderson (Topper), Sue Murray & Bob Sampson (Laser 4.7’s) also decided that caution was the best option and retired. Meanwhile Vicki Duncalf came to grief and capsized at Inlet but after a struggle managed to get back up and continued to race. By this time there were only 4 of the original 9 boats left and Nathan had built a handy lead over the two Bosuns of Roger & David in 2nd and Brian and Cilla in 3rd. Cautiously continuing, the order did not change.  Well done to those who finished and apologies to those who found it too ‘iffy’ to continue.


Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Roger Heasman Dave Longfellow BOSUN 1228 0.37.39 0.30.40
2 Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert BOSUN 1228 0.37.55 0.30.53
3 John Dabbs Linda Spiller BOSUN 1228 RET
3 Louise Witchell Colin Witchell BOSUN 1228 RET


Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Nathan Pollard LASER 4.7 1186 0.32.02 0.27.01
2 Vicki Duncalf TOPPER 1335 0.49.00 0.36.42
3 Jane Anderson TOPPER 1335 RET
3 Sue Murray LASER 4.7 1186 RET
3 Bob Sampson LASER 4.7 1186 RET
6 Paul Anderson LASER 4.7 1186 OOD


Pursuit 3

Having realised his mistake, a kinder course was set in the afternoon by Paul but only 3 boats decided to accept the offer. In a still feisty wind Roger & David started 2 minutes ahead of Brian and (New crew) Linda Spiller who were away 7 more minutes before Nathan. During the race the wind did die away somewhat and although the positions did not change the battle for first place between the 2 Bosuns was exciting to watch with Brian & Linda make substantial inroads into Roger’s lead. In the end though, after an hour long race it was Roger and David who (just about) held on to win by a metre or so. Nathan’s handicap at the start was too difficult for him to overcome and he was about 4 minutes behind at the gun.

  1. Roger Heasman & Dave Longfellow (Bosun)
  2. Brian Pollard & Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  3. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7)

Many thanks to Paul Anderson for running the races and writing the race reports and to Mandy Pollard for taking the photos.