Wednesday 12th July 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Teatime Tankard 5

The wind was up to its usual tricks, shooting off gusts powerful enough to capsize four out of the five boats that took to the water, some of them more than once. Ian Chatterton and Graham Joyce in the Enterprise had a spectacular capsize immediately on casting off and had to go ashore to empty a lot of water out of the boat.  They decided not to race but still sailed sections of the course and impressively kept upright for the rest of the afternoon, despite the full size sails.

This left two Bosuns and two 4.7 Lasers racing. John Dabbs, with reefed mainsail, had Rick Thurlow as crew; Roger Heasman sailed the dark blue, centre-sheeted club boat with a small mainsail and Adam Hilton as crew.

Linda Spiller’s 4.7 capsized three minutes before the start but she recovered perfectly and crossed the line closely behind Roger Heasman and in front of the others. The order around the first mark, West White, was Linda Spiller, Roger Heasman, John Dabbs, and Wendy Thurlow, Linda taking it wide and only just keeping the Laser under control. However she then pulled an increasing lead and risked sailing shallower into Inlet than the others. John Dabbs was gradually gaining on the other Bosun.

Wendy Thurlow  was very wide at West but kept it together and made it safely to Pinkie.  Ian Chatterton took a creative approach to the sailing line and got there eventually while remaining upright.

John Dabbs had come up almost level to Roger Heasman after Inlet but then Roger came in to the pontoon , the knot Adam had tied the jib on with having given way, allowing the others to get past.  Shortly after returning to the race a particularly vicious gust capsized the Bosun which finished the race for them.

Wendy Thurlow’s first lap was impressive seeing that it was first time in a new boat, stalling at Dam Green but holding it together well. A capsize on the second lap, with two attempts to recover, brought Linda off her course to check Wendy was OK, adding significantly to her race time.

John Dabbs played the tortoise rather than hare and it paid off, crossing the finish line first, with Linda in second and Wendy third. Bravery awards for everyone on the water – the OOD considered it a good day to be in charge of the hooter.

  1. John Dabbs and Rick Thurlow (Bosun)
  2. Linda Spiller (Laser 4.7)
  3. Wendy Thurlow (Laser 4.7)

DNS: Ian Chatterton and Graham Joyce (Enterprise)

Retired: Roger Heasman and Adam Hilton (Bosun)

There weren’t enough willing sailors to make running a second race possible.

Grateful thanks were given to Dave Perrett, Officer of the Day.