27th August 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Robin Spiller

Tamar 9

On this August Sunday the winds blew strongly from the north west, banks of cloud rolled through, but the rain managed to hold off until lunchtime. The temperature was a miserable 14 degrees! Penny Abbott, Officer of the Day, set a course of startling simplicity; a beat all the way north to Far buoy and a run all the way back south to the Dam. Bob Sampson, with a little 4.7 sail on his Laser, got away first, but by the time the fleet reached the top of the Lake the order reflected the sail size of the three Lasers in the race; Nathan Pollard leading with a Full, Steve Axford second with a Radial and Bob Sampson the third Laser but fourth boat because Brian Pollard, James Pollard crewing, had achieved a fine beat to keep himself among the Lasers in third place. The other Bosun on the water was Roger Heasman’s, but was helmed for the first time by Steve Smith with Adam Hilton as crew. In front of them was Jane Anderson, who’d been second at the start, but was fifth to round Far. The handicap promoted her to first, demoted the Lasers but allowed Brian Pollard to keep his third on the water.

  1. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  3. Brian and James Pollard (Bosun)
  4. Steve Axford (Laser Radial)
  5. Bob Sampson (Laser 4.7)
  6. Steven Smith and Adam Hilton (Bosun)

DNS: Dave Perrett (Solo)


Tamar 10

Penny Abbott added width to the course which now only reached as far north as Pinkie, then went to West and across to Inlet before returning to the Dam. Nathan Pollard got away well this time and dominated the race, never being headed. The other two Lasers followed in order of sail size. Jane Anderson was able to take the next place in a somewhat processional race since Brian Pollard’s Bosun had broken its rudder before the start and wasn’t competing. Next was the Heasman Bosun, now with Adam Hilton at the helm and then Vicki Duncalf joining the fleet in her Topper. Dave Perrett hadn’t quite sorted the small sail on his Solo before the first race began but was now competing although unfortunate to capsize on the first lap. The handicap again recognized Jane Anderson’s efforts in the Topper but thought Bob Sampson had done better than Steve Axford.

  1. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  3. Bob Sampson (Laser 4.7)
  4. Steve Axford (Laser Radial)
  5. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  6. Adam Hilton and Steven Smith (Bosun)
  7. Dave Perrett (Solo)

Retired: Brian and James Pollard (Bosun)

Grateful thanks were given to Penny Abbott who ran the races assisted by Linda Spiller. And to Robin Spiller for taking the photos with Mandy’s camera.