8th October 2023 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

by Mandy Pollard

Frostbite 2

Nathan Pollard led off a bunch of four full-sailed Lasers on a glorious pretending-to-be-summer Sunday with very light southerly winds. Jane Anderson was second until, on the second lap, the Pollard Laser needed an extra tack to reach the Dam and she took over the lead, a minute ahead at the finish. Linda Spiller was third until Bob Sampson took over her place on lap 2. Chasing the Lasers and briefly getting in amongst them was Adam Hilton’s Solo, an effort rewarded when the handicaps were applied. The two Bosuns in the race were led by Brian Pollard’s with Cilla Gilbert as crew. They were aiming for sixth and seventh until Dave Perrett’s slow-starting Solo overtook the Bosun pair on the way up the Lake on lap 1.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser Full)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  3. Adam Hilton (Solo)
  4. Bob Sampson (Laser Full)
  5. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)
  6. Dave Perrett (Solo)
  7. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  8. John Dabbs and Paul Anderson (Bosun)


Icicle 2

The winds had dropped and progress around the Lake was considerably more reliable on a paddle board than a sailing boat. Not everyone had an appetite for drifting and the fleet was reduced to six boats. Dave Perrett reversed his performance in the earlier race and got his Solo away first, followed by Nathan Pollard’s Laser. The Lasers soon took over; Jane Anderson taking the lead on the second slow and final lap – the race finished after fifty minutes; the morning’s race had managed three laps in little more time. Bob Sampson’s Laser was third throughout but Adam Hilton’s Solo, last over the start line, managed to get up to fourth on the first lap and to stay there. Brian Pollard found progress in the heavier Bosun too slow and retired.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser Full)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  3. Bob Sampson (Laser Full)
  4. Adam Hilton (Solo)
  5. Dave Perrett (Solo)

Retired Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)


Many thanks to Robin Spiller who ran the races and to Mandy Pollard who took the photographs.