12th June 2024 Race Report

Midweek Tankard 11

In a gentle, occasional moderate and variable NW wind, ten boats were launched comprising 3 Bosuns, 4 Solos, an Enterprise, a Laser with a 4.7 rig and another Laser with a Radial rig. The fishing competition which, with the still-absent Home 1 buoy and similar wind direction had so restricted the previous Sunday’s race plan, were all still in progress. Accordingly, the Race Officer set the same race course but this time over 5 laps.

Sue was first over the Home 2 start line, followed closely by Linda, Dave and Adam, in the first leg race to West. Sue rounded it first, with Adam, Geoff and Dave in hot pursuit. Sue led the flotilla as they all gybed around Dam Green, where Dave overtook Adam with Geoff close behind sporting his new sail, with Linda in close contention.

A drop in the wind strength at the start of the second lap resulted in several place changes between these five front runners. As the wind returned, Sue re-took the lead approaching Dam Green again. Behind them there was a race-long tussle going on between Ian’s Enterprise and John’s Bosun. Taking up the rear was a friendly contest between the Bosuns of Colin and Nessy as they rounded Dam Green.

At the end of the final lap, Dave squeezed past Linda to take line honours, with Sue and Adam not far behind. When the respective boats’ handicaps were taken into consideration, Sue came out on top, followed by Linda then Dave.

  1. Sue Murray (Laser 4.7)
  2. Linda Spiller (Laser Radial)
  3. Dave Perrett (Solo)
  4. Adam Hilton (Solo)
  5. John Dabbs/Leila Farmer (Bosun)
  6. Geoff Floyd (Solo)
  7. Ian Chatterton/Andy (Enterprise)
  8. Colin Witchell/Louise Witchell (Bosun)
  9. Nessy Johns/Roger Heasman (Bosun)

Retired: Robin Spiller (Solo)

Thanks go to Bob for his work as our OOD.