8th May 2024 Race Report

Midweek Tankard – Spare

Sue kindly stood in as OOD, and set a short course to suit the gentle southerly breeze. The five crews were just beginning to launch their boats when it became apparent that the wind had started to fill in from the west. It was too late to change the race course, so the start commenced on a very broad reach.

John was first across the line, closely followed by Ian (sailing single-handed in his Enterprise), and they held these positions as they rounded Dam Green. It was then a pleasant beat to Home 2 buoy, where Bob took the lead, the only helm to manage this with a single tack. This race section significantly spread out the field.

Sue had set the race course to test the sail, trim and balance of the helms and this was certainly achieved in the gentle and constantly-varying wind speed and direction.

On the second lap, John found a lucky breeze and started catch up some ground on the leading boats, whilst Louise was struggling to find a favourable wind speed and direction.

With the wind dropping down to a very gentle breeze, Sue shortened the race to just three laps.

  1. Dave Perrett
  2. Bob Sampson
  3. John Dabbs with Leila Farmer as crew
  4. Ian Chatterton
  5. Louise Witchell with Colin Witchell as crew

Thanks go to Sue Murray as OOD