7th July 2024 Race Report

A damp start to the day for racing at Tamar with a light WNW breeze but drying later.

Pursuit 4

Start time handicaps in minutes:

Vicki Duncalf (Topper) 0
Brian Pollard & Natasha Routley crew (Bosun) +6
Liam Routley (Laser) +14
Nathan (Laser) +19

Vicki managed the best start and this stood her in good stead for the rest of the race lapping both Nathan & Liam before they’d even started. Nathan overtook Liam halfway through their 1st Lap. Liam got into a spot of bother by Dam Green Buoy but quickly recovered to continue. By mid-race Nathan managed to unlap himself by passing Vicki but never managed to catch her up again and she finished 1st ahead of Nathan with both Brian & Natasha and Liam retiring.

1. Vicki Duncalf
2. Nathan Pollard

Retired – Brian Pollard & Natasha, Liam.

Barnwell 6

At the start it was the following order:

Jane Anderson (Topper)
Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
Brian Pollard & crew Natasha Routley (Bosun)
Nathan Pollard (Laser)
John Dabbs & Linda Spiller crew (Bosun)
Robin Spiller (Solo)

It was Nathan though who quickly worked his way up to 1st by the Home 2 mark with Jane a close 2nd. By Pinky Nathan had extended his dominance and John Dabbs and Linda had picked off Vicki Duncalf. There then developed an exciting battle for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places as Jane tried her hardest to fend off the Bosuns with them equally keen to overtake. For the first two laps Jane and Brian & Natasha swapped places on a few occasions with John Dabbs and Linda Spiller close on hand in case of any mistakes by the two in front. Finally though, the Bosuns won through early on lap 3 and with John Dabbs and Linda Spiller overtaking Brian & Natasha approaching inlet. The tone was then set for the final positions across the line with the gaps between boats slowly increasing. Nathan, John & Linda, Brian & Natasha, Jane, then Vicki with Robin retiring with gear failure.

1. Jane Anderson
2. Nathan Pollard
3. John Dabbs & Linda Spiller
4. Brian Pollard & Natasha Routley
5. Vicki Duncalf

Retired – Robin Spiller.

Thanks to Race Officers (Paul Anderson & Ricky Thurlow) and Mandy Pollard for the photographs.