4th March 2018 race report

Barnwell 1

After days of snow and blizzard Sunday was sunny and warm which enticed four boats onto the water for the first race of the year. Two failed to hear the starting klaxon; John Dabbs in his Gull returned to the right side of the line and therefore began the race a long way behind. Adam Hilton in his Solo realised that the race must have started, took advantage of the lead which his position on the lake happened to have to have given him and continued, expecting disqualification. The RS 200 of Bob Sampson and Sue Murray soon overtook the rogue Solo and, on the beat back from Pinkie, so did Nathan Pollard’s Laser 4.7. Bob kept his lead with a lengthening gap back to the Laser but the other two boats retired, victims of the strong and unpredictable gusts of wind that had developed. John Dabbs had capsized and sailed home on the first lap; Adam Hilton was up-ended by the gybe at Pinkie on lap 2.


1. Bob Sampson and Sue Murray (RS 200)
2. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7)
John Dabbs (Gull), Adam Hilton (Solo) rtd

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