1st July 2018 race report

Cup 4

The very usable south easterly winds meant starting towards the dam with Dam Red as the buoy to round before beginning the run up the Lake. Penny Abbott (Laser Radial) and Adam Hilton (Solo) were over start line 2 at the gun. Penny turned back but Adam was first round Dam Red, blissfully unaware that he was disqualifying himself! Sue Murray (Laser Radial) led at Inlet and continued to fight off the full-sailed Lasers of Bob Sampson and Nathan Pollard who followed. At Pinkie the drizzle continued, as it did throughout, and the order was still Sue Murray, Bob Sampson, Nathan Pollard, the outlaw Hilton Solo, Paul Whybrow’s legal Solo, the recovering Penny Abbott, John Dabbs’ Gull and Cilla Gilbert at the helm of Brian Pollard’s Bosun. But by the end of lap 2 Bob Samson had managed to get speed out of his big sail and had overtaken Sue Murray. On lap three Nathan Pollard did too. When the handicaps were applied the corrected times gave the Gull the victory by a minute and Sue Murray a lead over Bob Sampson of five seconds!

1. John Dabbs (Gull)

2. Sue Murray (Laser Radial)

3. Bob Sampson (Laser Full)

4. Paul Whybrow (Solo) and equal 4th Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)


6. Penny Abbott (Laser Radial)

7. Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun)

Disqualified: Adam Hilton (Solo)

Tamar 6

Nathan Pollard, now with a Radial sail and in a slightly stronger but much drier wind, got away first with Bob Sampson second, Linda Spiller (Laser Full) third, Penny Abbott fourth, Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert next and Sue Murray last. Penny Abbott got past Linda Spiller at Dam Red, then Bob Sampson passed Nathan at the end of the run to Middle, squeezing him at the buoy. At the end of the lap Bob Sampson was pulling away, Penny Abbott and Linda Spiller were catching up Nathan Pollard with Sue Murray not far behind. By lap 3 Bob Sampson was miles ahead, finishing two minutes in front of Nathan Pollard, enough to overcome his handicap disadvantage and give him first on corrected time. The other Lasers continued to scrap, with Linda Spiller finishing third and Sue Murray managing to get over the line a couple of seconds in front of Penny Abbott.

1. Bob Sampson (Laser Full)

2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)

3. Sue Murray (Laser Radial)

4. Penny Abbott (Laser Radial)

5. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)

6. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)

Many thanks to Jane and Paul Anderson who ran the race and wrote these reports to Mandy Pollard who took the photos.