11th July Midweek Mug report

Midweek Mug 6

It was a UTLSC Wednesday and so Roger Heasman, with Robin Spiller, was replacing the fendering on the pontoon and both Sue Murray  and Bob Sampson were teaching novices and Adeney Pooler was sailing his Graduate for the first time since his major disaster and John Savage was sailing his Otter to make sure that it was perfectly saleable , with the result that it felt positively selfish to be entering the midweek race merely for the pleasure (and pain) of competing with one’s peers. In the event Linda Spiller (Laser Full) was the first of the egotists to cross the start line, unfortunately a moment before the horn. Adam Hilton and Paul Whybrow (both Solos) followed and Adam led the beat up to Pinky and the runs and reaches back via West, Zebra and the two Dam buoys. The wind had been very light but fairly consistent, but on the second lap Adam was becalmed in the middle of the Lake while Paul and Linda got a handy little blast and reached Pinky before him. The vagaries of the subsequent puffs dumped Linda but brought Adam up to Paul but not past him. The OOD (Penny Abbott) mercifully shortened the race to two laps which nonetheless took the leader 53 minutes to complete.

Rank Class HelmName CrewName PY Corrected times
1st SOLO Paul Whybrow 1148 0:46:26
2nd SOLO Adam Hilton 1148 0:46:55
3rd LASER RADIAL Linda Spiller 1109 0:49:37
4th GULL John Dabbs 1363 0:50:54
5th BOSUN Sally Wills Cilla Gilbert 1219 0:54:14
6th LASER RADIAL Penny Abbott 1109 OOD

Many thanks to Penny Abbott who ran the race.