15th July race report

Commodore 5

More sun and more wind, enough to cause a couple of capsizes. Jane Anderson was caught by a gust shortly after rounding West and James Pollard succumbed as he approached Inlet. Jane Chadney (Laser Full) led the first couple of laps before being swallowed up by Steve Axford and Bob Sampson. The battling Solos of Paul Whybrow and Adam Hilton with the similarly paced Streaker of Robin Spiller all followed the Laser race with Paul making an excellent start and leading the trio until Adam and, for a while, Robin overtook him. He got his revenge on the last lap when Adam hit Dam Green and the resultant penalty turn put him just behind Paul on the finish line with Robin another three seconds back. Nicky Buckett and Linda Spiller in the Bosun were the first of the double-handers.

OOD Nathan Pollard

Rank Class HelmName CrewName Elapsed times Corrected times
1st LASER Steve Axford 0.42.00 0.39.09
2nd LASER Bob Sampson 0.47.15 0.44.02
3rd SOLO Paul Whybrow 0.50.40 0.44.08
4th SOLO Adam Hilton 0.50.46 0.44.13
5th STREAKER Robin Spiller 0.50.49 0.44.35
6th LASER Penny Abbott 0.48.27 0.45.09
7th LASER Jane Chadney 0.48.31 0.45.13
8th BOSUN Nicola Buckett  Linda Spiller 0.55.18 0.45.22
9th TOPPER Vicki Duncalf 1.01.39 0.46.21
10th OTTER John Buckett 0.59.14 0.46.27
11th LASER Paul Anderson 0.50.14 0.46.49
12th LASER Jane Anderson 0.50.23 0.46.57
13th BLAZE James Pollard 0.50.51 0.49.31
14th BOSUN Cilla Gilbert Brian Pollard 1.02.06 0.50.57
15th ENTERPRISE Alan Comber John Weller 0.59.21 0.53.11
16th OTTER John Savage 1.09.00 0.54.07


Pursuit 5

John Savage in his Otter was first to start but couldn’t fight off his pursuers. Vicki Duncalf (Topper) started four minutes later and held off everyone but Roger Heasman with Sally Wills in the Bosun who had started five minutes after her. Steve Axford had the best start in that he crossed the line less than a second after his appointed time. He made good use of it getting up from fourteenth to fifth. James Pollard was the last to start in his Blaze, an exotic beast the width of a king-sized bed with tubular extensions that make it even wider. He’d been lapped before he even started and could only make up a place or two. Four boats started on the same time; the Solos of Paul Whybrow and Adam Hilton, the Streaker of Robin Spiller which has a similar handicap, and the Radial of Jane Chadney. Paul led away but  Jane did best, getting up to third.

OOD Nathan Pollard

Posn Name Boat Boat Start Time
1st Roger Heasman & Sally Wills Bosun 14:39
2nd Vicki Duncalf Topper 14:34
3rd Jane Chadney Laser Radial 14:45
4th Bob Sampson Laser 14:48
5th Steve Axford Laser 14:49
6th John Buckett Otter 14:36
7th John Savage Otter 14:30
8th Nicola Buckett & Linda Spiller Bosun 14:43
9th Adam Hilton Solo 14:45
10th Penny Abbott Laser 14:48
11th Paul Whybrow Solo 14:45
12th James Pollard Blaze 14:52
13th John Weller & Alan Comber Enterprise 14:44
ret Brian Pollard & Cilla Gilbert Bosun 14:37
ret Robin Spiller Streaker 14:45


Many thanks to Mandy Pollard who took the photos. Click on the photos above to see more of Mandy’s wonderful photos.