1st August 2018 race report

Teatime Tankard/Roger’s Bosuns 2


Another charming day, enough sun, enough wind from points around north west, gusty as ever. Inlet and the Devon bank were lined with fisher people so Nathan Pollard’s course (he was OOD) had a lop-sided look to it; there was a diversion to West but otherwise it was very much up and down the middle of the Lake. Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard in the Bosun were first across the line, but Linda Spiller’s Laser Radial soon took the lead and never relinquished it. Adam Hilton’s Solo started fifth but slipped past the Bosuns and up to Linda’s wake where he stayed. He never looked likely to overtake but they finished only twenty seconds apart and the Solo’s advantageous handicap gave him the victory. Sally Wills, with Bob Sampson crewing the Bosun, had a fine race only spoilt by an unnecessary gybe at West. John Dabbs was helming the Commodore’s Bosun solo. He started 4th, dropped back with rudder problems but then hauled himself up to his previous position.


Teatime Tankard

1.      Adam Hilton (Solo)

2.      Sally Wills and Bob Sampson (Bosun)

3.      Linda Spiller (Laser Radial)

4.      John Dabbs (Bosun)

5.      Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun)


Roger’s Bosuns

1.      Sally Wills

2.      Cilla Gilbert


Many thanks to Nathan Pollard and Robin Spiller who ran the race.