22nd August 2018 race report

Teatime Tankard/Roger’s Bosuns 5

Seven boats took to the water encouraged by a brisk little wind from the north west and occasional sunny spells. Taking advantage of the comparative lack of fishermen, the course used every extremity of the Lake – Far, West, Inlet and Dam Red  and the fleet began with a long sometimes beat, sometimes reach, up to Far. The Laser, Streaker and Gull could not be separated as they crossed the start line. The Solo, the Bosuns and the Otter followed. The Gull was still well up as they reached the middle of the Lake but was increasingly to windward. Nathan Pollard in his Full sailed Laser established a lead which he never relinquished, indeed increasing it as the laps went by. Robin Spiller in the Streaker was just ahead of Adam Hilton in the Solo, beginning a race long contest. He kept ahead until right at the end of the first lap when a shortage of lifting gusts between Dam Red and Home 1 obliged him to put in an extra tack and allowed the Solo a slender lead which it retained. Robin was not alone; the Otter and the Gull needed extra tacks at that point too. Neither of these two battling single-handers could get a really convincing distance ahead of Cilla Gilbert and Bob Sampson’s Bosun, despite regularly planing from Inlet towards the Dam. As a result the Bosun finished only a minute or so behind them. The Sally Wills/Roger Heasman Bosun finished another couple of minutes later. Four minutes after it came the Otter and two minutes after that the Gull. So the major reversal of the on-the-water finishing order which took place when the handicaps were applied could have been predicted. Well sailed Cilla Gilbert!

Teatime Tankard  5

1.      Cilla Gilbert and Bob Sampson (Bosun)

2.      Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)

3.      John Dabbs  (Gull)

4.      Adam Hilton (Solo)

5.      Robin Spiller (Streaker)

6.      Sally Wills and Roger Heasman (Bosun)

7.       John Buckett (Otter)


Roger’s Bosuns 5

1.      Cilla Gilbert

2.      Sally Wills


Many thanks to Linda Spiller who ran the race.