7th October 2018 race report

Frostbite 2

With very light winds being presented to sailors for the morning race, 13 set off in almost summer-like sunshine.  The fickle winds caused all sorts of problems for everyone at the start – Bob Sampson (Laser) and Vicki Duncalf (Topper) were the wrong side of the line at the start and had to duck under everyone advancing towards the to start their race.  Nathan Pollard (Laser) was first around Dam Buoy, followed by the rest of the fleet in various orders and the flat airs still gave position problems.  Once Vicki managed to cross the line to start (after reversing some of the way!) she made good progress as the wind filled in here and there.

Paul Whybrow (Solo) and John Buckett (Otter) made particularly good progress.   Paul was having a particularly excellent race, sailing along behind the leading Lasers and snapping at their heels.  As the first boats finished, the wind at the upper end of the lake filled in allowing those behind to do an excellent catch-up, and all arrived within a few minutes of each other for lunch!  Paul Whybrow’s persistence and light airs skill gave him first place on handicap!

  1. Paul Whybrow (Solo)
  2. John Buckett (Otter)
  3. Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  4. John Dabbs (Gull)
  5. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  6. Sue Murray (Laser Radial)
  7. Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  8. Linder Spiller (Laser)
  9. Bob Sampson (Laser)
  10. Sally Wills & Jane Chadney (Bosun)
  11. Graham Joyce (Laser)
  12. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  13. Cilla Gilbert & Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  14. Alan Comber & John Weller (Enterprise)


Icicle 2

 The wind had risen slightly over lunchtime and was more usable in the afternoon.  Brian and Cilla (Bosun) were over the line at the start and had to return.  Everyone else managed to get away reasonable cleanly, but it was Sue Murray and Bob Sampson in their Lasers who led the fleet up to West Mark.  Robin Spiller had had an excellent start and was lying in 3rd place in his Streaker, closely followed by Paul Whybrow (Solo) and Nathan and Linda in their Laser full rigs.  On the leg back down to the Dam, Sue Murray confused herself by passing the right side of Zebra mark and then decided that was not right and proceeded to the wrong side of Zebra mark (which then took some unravelling to get her back on track).  We all do it!!  By the end of the first lap the Gull of John Dabbs, John Buckett’s Otter and the 2 Bosuns crossed the line to commence the 2nd lap virtually abreast each other.  Jane Chadney and Sally Wills came to grief in their Bosun hitting Dam buoy.  Nathan sailed an excellent race to finish 2nd to Bob Sampson who took line honours.  However, it was Robin Spiller’s afternoon; he sailed a nice steady race to finish first on handicap!

  1. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  2. Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  3. Bob Sampson (Laser)
  4. Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  5. John Dabbs (Gull)
  6. Sue Murray (Laser Radial)
  7. Paul Whybrow (Solo)
  8. Linda Spiller (Laser)
  9. John Buckett (Otter) and Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  10. Jane Chadney &Sally Wills (Bosun)
  11. Alan Comber & John Weller (Enterprise)
  12. Brian Pollard & Cilla Gilbert (Bosun).

Grateful thanks to Steve Axford for Race Officer Duties and for writing these reports.