9th June 2019 Race Report

Cup 4

Adam Hilton’s Aero 7 was first over the line followed by Jane Anderson’s Laser Radial, but Cilla Gilbert, with Brian Pollard in the familiar pale blue Club Bosun, was coming up fast, the only question being whether she was too far to leeward to get round the first buoy, Zebra, without tacking. She made it. After the third buoy, West, Mike Coulson, in the Wayfarer with Viki, came steaming up from a seventh place start with geneker flying on the long reach to Far. By the end of the lap the Wayfarer led and, when not surrendering ground by going round wrong buoys, looked secure in that lead. Jane Anderson made a much neater job of rounding Far than Adam Hilton and overtook. The charcoal clouds that had threatened from the start managed to drop their rain elsewhere although thunder echoed round the Lake. The wind was surprisingly benign with fewer gusts than usual. John Buckett, with Paul Petvin, was winning the Bosun race in fifth, with Cilla Gilbert now sixth and Toby Tobias, with Sally Wills, seventh. On Lap 3 the order stayed the same except that capsizes by the Aero promoted everybody behind by a place.

  1.  John Buckett and Paul Petvin (Bosun)
  2.  Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  3.  Mike and Viki Herbert-Coulson (Wayfarer)
  4.  Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  5.  Paul Whybrow (Solo)
  6.  Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  7.  Toby Tobias and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  8.  John Savage (Solo)

Retired Adam Hilton (Aero 7)


Tamar 5

Linda Spiller (Laser Full), fearing she would be over the line, turned back just before the horn blew, making Vicki Duncalf’s Topper first away followed by Brian Pollard, now helming the Bosun, and Mike Coulson in the Wayfarer. The Pollard/Gilbert Bosun again managed to gain the first buoy from a very downwind position, led and kept the lead round Inlet. Something held them up between there and West however and they were fifth round that buoy with the Wayfarer taking the lead. Paul Whybrow (Solo) and Linda Spiller were both making up ground fast after disadvantageous starts, with Paul third on the way to Far and Linda up to second on the way back, a position she retained for the rest of the race, but with a lead of millimetres at the end! The Bosuns were again scrapping; they went round Dam Green at the end of Lap 2 close together with Brian Pollard leading (and 4th in the race), Toby Tobias next and Paul Petvin making an admirable job of helming his first race, helped no doubt by the tutelage of John Buckett. By the end Paul had overtaken Toby.

  1. Mike and Viki Herbert-Coulson (Wayfarer)
  2. Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  3. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  4. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  5. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)
  6. Paul Petvin and John Buckett (Bosun)
  7. Toby Tobias and Sally Wills (Bosun)

Retired: Paul Whybrow (Solo)

Thanks were given to John Dabbs and Kathy Wyke, Officers of the Day and Mandy and Brian Pollard photographers.