3rd November 2019 Race Report

Frostbite 6

A fairly benign morning saw seven boats on the water with wind of force 2-3.

Linda Spiller in her laser 4.7 and John Dabbs in his new Bosun were a little early at the start line and had to re-round the start buoy. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7) soon developed a healthy lead during the first lap with the Bosuns of John Buckett with crew Sally Wills and Brian Pollard with ‘new crew’ Robin Spiller in hot pursuit. Then the rain set in and a vicious gust nearly caught Nathan out but he skilfully avoided a capsize at Dam. Linda was valiantly chasing her husband Robin but helm John managed to benefit from some nice gusts and forged ahead. Meanwhile the toppers of Jane Anderson and Vicki Duncalf were sailing parallel and did a synchronised gybe around Dam with Jane emerging in the lead. In the second lap both Linda and Brian overtook John Buckett. The two Bosuns were at Dam mark together but Brian pulled away  first. In the second and third laps Jane extended her lead over Vicki.

The results were as follows.

  1. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7)
  2. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  3. John Buckett and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  4. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  5. Brian Pollard and Robin Spiller (Bosun)
  6. John Dabbs and Paul Petvin  (Bosun)
  7. Linda Spiller (Laser 4.7)


Icicle 6

The wind has risen considerably for the second race and together with the rain it made for miserable and challenging conditions. Soon white caps started appearing but the boats continued to plough through the waves with their masts waving in the gusts. Nathan had a good lead right from the start. Jane Anderson (Topper) soon moved into second place as she planed spectacularly down to Dam buoy, she was followed by Brian in the Bosun, now with Sally Wills as crew. Vicki Duncalf (Topper) overtook John Dabbs and crew Paul Petvin(Bosun) in the strengthening winds on the plane down to Dam.

John and Paul retired but the remaining boats continued to stay afloat and complete a shortened course. The course was shortened due to deteriorating conditions.

  1. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7)
  2. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  3. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  4. Brian Pollard and Sally Wills (Bosun)

Retired John Dabbs and Paul Petvin (Bosun)

27th October 2019 Race Report

Frostbite 5

This was a two lap race, admittedly over a course that used the full length (Far to Dam Green) and width (Inlet to West) of the Lake, which took an hour because the north-easterlies were blowing very gently under their bright but cool sun. The wind never quite disappeared however, although leaving Inlet in the lee of the hill could be very slow.

All helms started on starboard tack aiming at Inlet but Vicki Duncalf (Topper) was over the line and had to turn back. Robin Spiller (Streaker) got his stroke of fortune with a breath of wind which put him in the lead and into clear air. Across the Lake at West the Streaker led Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7), Adam Hilton (Aero 5) and Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial) with the rest of the fleet in line astern. The Aero dropped places but the two Lasers continued to scrap, Nathan Pollard getting past before the end of lap 1 but Jane regained second place on lap 2 and finished a minute and a half behind the Streaker, close enough to win on handicap. The race’s Bosun battle was between Nicky Buckett , Linda Spiller crewing, and Brian Pollard with Cilla Gilbert as crew. They were never far apart; Nicky Buckett finishing twenty seconds ahead. Light winds are not good for Topper sailors and Vicki Duncalf found herself drifting onto Home 1 buoy, mainsheet caught up, she retired. John Buckett in his Otter spent most of the race in company with the stuttering Aero, finishing the first lap behind it but the second in front.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  2. Nicky Buckett and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  3. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun),
  4. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  5. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  6. John Buckett (Otter)
  7. Adam Hilton (Aero 5)

Retired: Vicki Duncalf (Topper)


Icicle 5

Vicki Duncalf timed it perfectly this time and got her Topper away first but couldn’t point high enough to maintain the position and was only the sixth boat to round Inlet, the first buoy. John Buckett’s Otter had also got away well and he was still third round Inlet but lost places subsequently. It was Nicky Buckett’s Bosun which did best; second to start but first round Inlet and West and Far, indeed she was still leading at the end of the lap. She was pursued by  Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7), a recovering Robin Spiller (Streaker) who’d had to turn back to avoid jumping the start and Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial) also making up for a slow start. Robin Spiller got past Jane Anderson before they reached Middle. The remarkable Otter was still fifth at the end of lap one but lost a place to the Bosun now helmed by Cilla Gilbert and crewed by Brian Pollard on lap two. The other Bosun lost the race lead before Inlet on the second lap and by the end had been passed by Robin Spiller, Jane Anderson and Nathan Pollard; applying the handicaps gave it back the victory.

  1. Nicky Buckett and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  2. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  3. John Buckett (Otter)
  4. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  5. Cilla Gilbert  and Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  6. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  7. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)


Grateful thanks were given to John Dabbs who ran the races and took the photographs as well.

(Note to UTLSC members – results changed because computer had Robin with a Wave sail on his Streaker. Sorry Robin.)

20th October 2019 Race Report

Frostbite 4

This race began with two false starts! Half the helms had misunderstood the course and crossed the line in the wrong direction! The Commodore, who led the pack after the first false start and was well up on the second, managed to foul up the third and could be seen fuming in his little Aero 5. Brian Pollard (with Cilla Gilbert) got his Bosun away first and was still leading at Inlet buoy  but by the time they had tacked their way up to Far the Laser Radial of Nathan Pollard had taken the lead. It was a bright day but cold and the force 4 wind was viciously gusty. There were several capsizes and a couple of retirements. The order settled down with Nathan Pollard firmly in the lead, Sue Murray in another Laser Radial second, the Pollard/Gilbert Bosun third, Jane Anderson’s Topper fourth and the Heasman/Wills Bosun fifth. They all retained those places until the end. Behind them Vicki Duncalf’s capsize on lap 2 put her behind Adam Hilton’s Aero 5 who was recovering from his capsize and went on to battle with and eventually overtake (on the water but not on handicap) John Dabbs’ Bosun (Paul Petvin crewing).

  1. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun),
  2. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  3. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  4. Sue Murray (Laser Radial)
  5. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  6. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  7. John Dabbs and Paul Petvin (Bosun)
  8. Adam Hilton (Aero 5)

Retired: Robin Spiller (Streaker), Graham Joyce (Laser Full)

Icicle 4

John Dabbs got his Bosun over the line first but was the furthest downwind of the fleet and the long tack needed to get round the first buoy (Zebra) dropped him to last! The other two Bosuns started second and third followed closely by Jane Anderson and the two Lasers gunwale to gunwale. Robin Spiller (Streaker) was seventh and, uncharacteristically, Vicki Duncalf brought up the rear. At the top of the Lake Nathan Pollard led Sue Murray, Jane Anderson followed closely and Vicki Duncalf had got herself up among the Bosuns. The subsequent two laps saw the leading Topper and the Dabbs/Petvin Bosun in close competition and Robin Spiller hauling the Streaker up the order to sixth. Sue Murray had reduced her sail to a 4.7 for this race and this gave her the victory on corrected time, Nathan Pollard’s lead of two and a half minutes on the water reduced to a deficit of twenty two seconds when his handicap was applied.

  1. Sue Murray (Laser 4.7)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  3. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert  (Bosun)
  4. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  5. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  6. John Dabbs and Paul Petvin (Bosun)
  7. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  8. Robin Spiller (Streaker)

Grateful thanks were given to Linda Spiller and her small assistant who ran the races and to Mandy Pollard who took the photographs.

13th October 2019 Race Report

Frostbite 3

Until a few minutes before the start the Lake was calm but then the wind gods obeyed the forecasters and unleashed an hour of north-westerly blasts with no rhythm and little consistency of  direction. The Officers of the Day, John Duncalf and Paul Anderson, had set a course that started from the Home 2 line towards Middle buoy thus exposing the fleet to the maximum wind chaos from the start. Jane Anderson and Vicki Duncalf in Toppers crossed the line first. John Dabbs (Adam Hilton crewing) was the first away of the Bosuns. But it was very difficult to cope in the little Toppers. The three Bosuns all overtook Vicki Duncalf on the way to Far. Jane Anderson was accused by a passing Bosun of ‘hiding in the bushes’ that is to say avoiding the worst of the gusts by clinging to the lee of the hill; she admitted to the charge. However she still maintained her lead at the end of lap 1 but lost a place a lap from then on. Brian Pollard (with Cilla Gilbert), having charged past the Dabbs/Hilton Bosun, finished lap1 in second and led the remaining laps. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills established themselves as the second Bosun and overtook Jane Anderson on lap 2 near Far. But the third (Dabbs) Bosun continued to swap places with Jane Anderson’s Topper which finished a mere six seconds behind thus ensuring that the handicap promoted her.

  1. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  2. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun),
  3. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  4. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  5. John Dabbs and Adam Hilton (Bosun)

Retired: Paul Petvin (Gull)


Icicle 3

The intensity of the gusts had reduced to the relief of the sailors. The Toppers got away first with Jane Anderson leading, the new addition of Sue Murray second and Vicki Duncalf third. Then came the Bosuns led by Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert with Roger Heasman and Sally Wills second and John Dabbs, now with Paul Petvin as crew, third. By the time he reached Far Brian Pollard had overtaken all three Toppers. Jane Anderson remained at second but Roger Heasman had overtaken the other two Toppers, leaving the Dabbs/Petvin Bosun in sixth. On the long reach and run back Jane Anderson stuck to the transom of Brian Pollard’s Bosun and Sue Murray seemed equally inseparable from the Heasman/Wills Bosun, with Vicki Duncalf doing the same to The Dabbs/Petvin boat. Lap 2 saw Brian Pollard losing ground at Home 2, allowing Jane Anderson to catch up whereas the gap between Roger Heasman and Sue Murray increased. On the third lap Sue Murray slipped past the Heasman Bosun on the reach between Middle and Far to take third place which remained in contention since the Dabbs Bosun had caught up. The two Bosuns continued to scrap for the rest of the race allowing Sue Murray to consolidate her third place in cleaner air to windward on the beat to Home 2. As the sister boats returned towards the finish line the Dabbs Bosun was seen to be ahead, but with the wind strength diminishing and the gap between the two boats varying, the order remained uncertain until the end when three seconds separated them!

  1. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  2. Sue Murray (Topper)
  3. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert  (Bosun)
  4. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  5. John Dabbs and Paul Petvin (Bosun)
  6. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Bosun)

Grateful thanks were given to John Duncalf and Paul Anderson who ran the races.

15th September 2019 Race Report

Ladies / Gents / Gosling 7

On a bright sunny morning with light breeze from North North West, ten boats set off on a reduced distance course owing to a large fishing competition taking place.

This did not affect the competitiveness of the participants with James Pollard shooting off in a Blaze (literally) closely followed by brother Nathan (Laser) and Jane Anderson (Laser Radial) in the first group who remained as the first three throughout.

Next were Graham Joyce (Laser) and Roger Heasman (Streaker) also literally who exchanged blows until Joyce finally succumbed. Behind them another tussle featured John Buckett (Otter), Cilla Gilbert helming with Brian Pollard crew (Bosun) with John finally winning out, thence John Dabbs (Gull), the welcome return of Adeney Pooler (Graduate) and Vicki Duncalf (Topper) as the final three runners.

Line honours went to James Pollard who finished a couple of minutes ahead of Nathan Pollard and Anderson with Nathan Pollard having a five-second advantage. In the final showing though with handicaps applied it was Dabbs who was proclaimed as the winner with Anderson second and Roger Heasman third.

  1.   John Dabbs (Gull)
  2.   Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  3.   Roger Heasman (Streaker)
  4.   Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  5.   John Buckett (Otter)
  6.   Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  7.   James Pollard (Blaze)
  8.   Graham Joyce (Laser)
  9.   Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  10.   Adeney Pooler (Graduate)


THE afternoon sailing was a race for chocolate prizes with the results from the morning race combined for a bit of fun.

The race was slightly longer than that of the morning and the handicaps came more into play. With only eight boats competing it was the same trio of James Pollard (Blaze), Nathan Pollard (Laser) and Jane Anderson (Laser Radial) who as a group led from start to finish with Anderson dropping back and James Pollard pulling away towards the end.

Roger Heasman (Streaker) sailed well to finish narrowly behind the leading three. The two Johns (Buckett & Dabbs — Otter & Gull) along with Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun) swapped positions on several occasions during the race with Vicki Duncalf (Topper) bringing up the rear. Once again James won line honours but it was Anderson and Nathan Pollard who beat him back to third once was the handicaps applied.

  1.   Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  2.   Runner-up: Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  3.   James Pollard (Blaze)
  4.   Roger Heasman (Streaker)
  5.   John Dabbs (Gull)
  6.    John Buckett (Otter)
  7.   Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  8.   Cilla Gilbert & Brian Pollard (Bosun)

Overall Chocaholics

  1.   Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  2.   John Dabbs (Gull)
  3.   Roger Heasman (Streaker)
  4.   Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  5.   James Pollard (Blaze)
  6.   John Buckett (Otter)
  7.   Cilla Gilbert & Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  8.   Vicki Duncalf (Topper)

Jane was unable to eat chocolates so it was John, Roger and Nathan who munched away the prizes.

Thanks were given to Geoff Floyd and Paul Anderson for running the race and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.

6th October 2019 Race Report

Frostbite 2

Fierce north westerlies came gusting over the hills, making white streaks the length of the lake and reducing Sue Murray and Jane Anderson to little Toppers, Nathan Pollard to a 4.7 on his Laser and Roger Heasman (with Sally Wills) to small sails on their Bosun. Only Brian Pollard (with Cilla Gilbert) and John Dabbs (with Adam Hilton) braved it with full sails on their Bosuns. The start was very tight with nothing to separate the Toppers of Jane Anderson and Vicki Duncalf and Nathan Pollard’s Laser. Next came the Pollard/Wills Bosun and Sue Murray’s Topper. Paul Petvin had borrowed John Dabb’s  Gull at the last minute, then had trouble operating the centre board, with the result that he narrowly avoided being blown onto the lee shore. He retired. Nathan Pollard was the first to complete the long beat up to Far, well ahead of the rest of the fleet, which arrived at Far with Toppers mixed up with Bosuns. By the end of the lap Brian Pollard had established himself in second and Jane Anderson in third. On the second lap the Dabbs/Hilton Bosun nearly overtook Sue Murray’s Topper but Vicki Duncalf did overtake Roger Heasman’s Bosun. Applying the handicaps gave Jane Anderson the victory over Nathan Pollard by three seconds. If only he hadn’t lost time rounding the buoy at Dam Green!

  1. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7)
  3. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  4. Sue Murray (Topper)
  5. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  6. John Dabbs and Adam Hilton (Bosun)
  7. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Bosun)

Retired: Paul Petvin (Gull)

Icicle 2

The first race, with the long beat up to Far, had been shortened to three laps. Steve Axford, the Officer of the Day, now redrew the course with Pinky the most northerly buoy and multiple zigzags across the middle of the lake. The fleet managed four laps within the hour. Sue Murray got a perfect start and was away first. John Dabbs got his Bosun over the line on starboard tack in second with Nathan Pollard third and taking a while to get a lead over a flying Sue Murray. Then came the Pollard/Wills Bosun and the Anderson Topper, impossible to separate on the line, but with Jane Anderson ahead at the windward mark. Vicki Duncalf and the Heasman/Wills Bosun spent the race swapping places behind the Dabbs/Hilton Bosun which was consistently fifth. Brian Pollard managed to get past third place Jane Anderson when she got stuck in irons at Dam Green at the end of lap 3.

  1. Sue Murray (Topper)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7)
  3. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  4. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  5. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  6. John Dabbs and Adam Hilton (Bosun)
  7. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Bosun)

Grateful thanks were given to Steve Axford who ran the races and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.

28th August 2019 Race Report

Teatime Tankard 6

It was grey and wet and thirteen degrees but five sailors were up for a race and Roger Heasman kindly ran it. John Dabbs took out ‘Quebec’, the pretty Bosun he has acquired from Toby Tobias, for the first time, Adam Hilton crewing. Brian Pollard had the familiar ‘Rob Eason’ Club Bosun, Sally Wills crewing, since Cilla Gilbert thought a meeting about birds more attractive than bobbing about on the water. Nathan Pollard had a Radial sail on his Laser. Brian was first away followed by John D. Nathan started to get going by the time they rounded Inlet and were crossing to West; he overtook the Dabbs Bosun. Brian kept his lead up to Pinky but Nathan was closing. They went round the buoy pretty much together and set off for Middle side by side. Nathan finally took the lead before Dam Green. The wind was increasing and Nathan spent most of lap 2 hiked way out, but Brian was trying hard to stay close and succeeded as far as West after which Nathan began to pull away. The Dabbs Bosun couldn’t keep up; it was just passing Middle as Nathan started lap 3 during which the gaps between the three boats just got bigger.

  1.  Brian Pollard and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  3. John Dabbs and Adam Hilton (Bosun)

Many thanks to Roger Heasman, Officer of the Day.

8th September 2019 Race Report

Commodore 7

Eighteen sailors in fourteen boats took off towards West in gentle but reliable north-westerly winds that tended to freshen as the day went on. Sue Murray (Laser), Adam Hilton (Aero 9) and Roger Heasman (with Sally Wills in the Club’s Wayfarer) were the fast starters, with Sue leading the first lap  with a little group that soon included Jane Anderson (Laser) and Mike Coulson with Nicky Buckett crewing his Wayfarer. The Heasman/Wills Wayfarer dropped back. A second tussle followed, but at an increasing distance. This group consisted of Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial) whose smaller sail eventually put him behind, Bob Sampson and Steve Axford in Lasers who swapped places and the leader (with a good two square meters more sail than the others) the Hilton Aero 9. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert’s Bosun led John Buckett’s Otter and the other Bosuns of John Dabbs, with Bob Jiggens, and Colin Witchell with Louise. In the course of lap 2 Sue Murray was overtaken by Jane Anderson and then the Coulson/Buckett Wayfarer. By lap 3 the field was widely spread but the Sampson/Axford duel continued to the end. The handicaps for the Commodore series being based on the past performance of the helm meant that the winner on the water, Jane Anderson, was reduced to sixth in the final results.


  1. Mike Coulson and Nicky Buckett (Wayfarer)
  2. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  3. Geoff Floyd (Solo)
  4. Sue Murray (Laser)
  5. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  6. Jane Anderson (Laser)
  7. John Buckett (Otter)
  8. Steve Axford (Laser)
  9. Bob Sampson (Laser)
  10. Adam Hilton (Aero 9)
  11. John Dabbs and Bob Jiggens (Bosun)
  12. Graham Joyce (Laser)

Retired: Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Wayfarer), Colin and Louise Witchel (Bosun)



Tamar 10

Half the fleet started on port tack, close to the pontoon and the other half on starboard near the blue Home 1 buoy. Whether it was through the better choice of tack or his superior timing, it was Steve Axford who got off first and led the first two laps. Sue Murray, now with a smaller sail to cope with the freshening wind, was a close second at the start but was overtaken by the Coulson Wayfarer, now with its regular crew and flying the spinnaker on the long run back to the Dam. Then past came Nathan Pollard, who’d put the full sail on his Laser to comply with the Tamar series one boat/one sail rule, was still sixth as they ran from Pinky but had got himself to 4th by the end of lap 1 and third on lap 2 only to have Bob Sampson (Laser) go by on the last lap. The Club’s Rob Eason Bosun again proved easily the fastest of the Bosun fleet, finishing seventh on the water, but behind it a group of boats seemed to change places with each of the beats that dominated the excellent James Pollard designed course. They were, in the order they eventually finished on the water, Adam Hilton and John Dabbs (Bosun), Roger Heasman and Sally Wills, now in the other Club Bosun, John Buckett (Otter), Mark and George Stacey (Fusion) and Geoff Floyd (Solo).


  1. Steve Axford (Laser Full)
  2. Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  3. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  4. Sue Murray (Laser Radial)
  5. Bob Sampson (Laser Full)
  6. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  7. Mark and George Stacey (Fusion)
  8. John Buckett (Otter)
  9. Adam Hilton and John Dabbs (Bosun)
  10. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  11. Geoff Floyd (Solo)

Retired: Mike and Viki Herbert-Coulson (Wayfarer)


Grateful thanks were given to James Pollard who ran the races and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.

1st September 2019 Race Report

Cup 7

In contrast to last week, a force 4-5 wind whipped white horses down the length of the lake, causing each of the Bosun fleet to elect to sail with 3 on board.  Unfortunately Brian Pollard’s mainsheet became entangled around the pontoon mooring cleat, causing a catastrophic and complete capsize before he had even set off.  Fortunately the only damage was a triple unwanted swim.

Meanwhile, Steve Axford’s Laser Radial crossed the start line, followed by James Pollard’s speedy Blaze which soon overtook.  Vicki Duncalf was next, first of the Toppers until a gear failure caused her retirement in the second casualty of the race.

As the laps progressed the Buckett/ Spiller Bosun overtook Jane Anderson’s Topper while the second Dabbs/ Wills /Witchell Bosun lost a battle with Robin Spiller’s Streaker.  In the handicap shuffle a well sailed Topper was the winner.

  1. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  2. Steve Axford (Laser Radial)
  3. Nicky Buckett, John Buckett and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  4. James Pollard (Blaze)
  5. Robin Spiller (Streaker Wave)
  6. John Dabbs, Sally Wills and Louise Witchell (Bosun)

Retired: Vicki Duncalf (Topper)


Pursuit 7

As the gusts continued unabated, the slower boats started earlier and the faster set off at intervals to chase, over the race’s allocated 67 minutes.  Vicki Duncalf made up for earlier disappointment, staying ahead of Jane Anderson as the two Toppers led the field, until finally both were overtaken by the Pollard brothers, James having made his way determinedly through the fleet from the rear.

Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert had dried off and the three Bosuns had start times one after another, giving an interesting contest, especially as one crew was one person heavier.  Their order completely reversed, Brian emerged the victor.

The two Laser Radial helms worked hard, but made limited progress, while Robin Spiller was powerless to prevent faster boats overtaking him.

  1. Nathan Pollard (Laser 4.7)
  2. James Pollard (Blaze)
  3. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  4. Jane Anderson (Topper)
  5. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)
  6. Nicky Buckett, John Buckett and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  7. Bob Sampson (Laser Radial)
  8. Steve Axford (Laser Radial)
  9. John Dabbs and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  10. Robin Spiller (Streaker Wave)

Grateful thanks were given to John Duncalf and Paul Anderson who ran the races and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.

25th August 2019 Race Report

Tamar 4

What winds there were came from the Northwest but they were very gentle and sometimes the Lake was reduced to glassy calm.  The start was from the Dam towards the top of the Lake.  Vicky Duncalf’s Topper led away but Nathan Pollard’s Laser Full had soon glided into the lead with Paul Whybrow (Solo) and Linda Spiller (Laser Full) following.  Adam Hilton’s Aero 7 had crossed the line well before the horn, so early he had time to return and  still make a half decent start.  The poor Bosuns (Cilla Gilbert with Brian Pollard and Sally Wills with Paul Petvin) got stuck windless and took an age to start.  A puff of wind lifted the leaders on the way from Home 2 to West and Nathan Pollard got himself a substantial lead on the way to Pinky.  Behind him Linda Spiller and Paul Whybrow diced and then came a scrap between Robin Spiller (Streaker) Graham Joyce (Laser Full) and the Aero.  On the way back Paul Whybrow was still close enough to pinch the following wind from Linda Spiller, the Bosuns and the Topper were still a tight group with Sally Wills generally the leading helm, but the lap had been so slow that several boats retired, only four completing the race with Paul Whybrow’s advantageous handicap cancelling out the four minute lead on the water that Linda Spiller had over him.

  1. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  2. Paul Whybrow (Solo)
  3. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)
  4. Graham Joyce (Laser Full)

Retired: Robin Spiller (Streaker), Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun), Adam Hilton (Aero 7), Vicki Duncalf (Topper), Sally Wills and Paul Petvin (Bosun)


Sailboat 7

The Aero 7 managed to start legally this time and was still leading at Home 2 before being overtaken by Nathan Pollard and then Linda Spiller who kept a little wind after West when the rest of the fleet had lost it.  The Wayfarer of Viki and Mike Herbert-Coulson had signed on for this race and after a hesitant start was gradually catching up.  By Middle on the way back towards the Dam it was third behind the leading Lasers, but a breath of wind from astern closed the fleet up, with Robin Spiller the major beneficiary.  The Aero paused for rig adjustments and Graham Joyce had the misfortune to miss a buoy.  The course was shortened to two laps – a lap was taking about half an hour to complete – and Linda Spiller came in well in the lead.

  1. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  3. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  4. Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  5. Viki and Mike Herbert-Coulson (Wayfarer)
  6. Paul Petvin and Sally Wills (Bosun)
  7. Adam Hilton (Aero 7)

Retired: Graham Joyce (Laser Full)


Grateful thanks were given to Jane and Paul Anderson who ran the races and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.