27th October 2019 Race Report

Frostbite 5

This was a two lap race, admittedly over a course that used the full length (Far to Dam Green) and width (Inlet to West) of the Lake, which took an hour because the north-easterlies were blowing very gently under their bright but cool sun. The wind never quite disappeared however, although leaving Inlet in the lee of the hill could be very slow.

All helms started on starboard tack aiming at Inlet but Vicki Duncalf (Topper) was over the line and had to turn back. Robin Spiller (Streaker) got his stroke of fortune with a breath of wind which put him in the lead and into clear air. Across the Lake at West the Streaker led Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7), Adam Hilton (Aero 5) and Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial) with the rest of the fleet in line astern. The Aero dropped places but the two Lasers continued to scrap, Nathan Pollard getting past before the end of lap 1 but Jane regained second place on lap 2 and finished a minute and a half behind the Streaker, close enough to win on handicap. The race’s Bosun battle was between Nicky Buckett , Linda Spiller crewing, and Brian Pollard with Cilla Gilbert as crew. They were never far apart; Nicky Buckett finishing twenty seconds ahead. Light winds are not good for Topper sailors and Vicki Duncalf found herself drifting onto Home 1 buoy, mainsheet caught up, she retired. John Buckett in his Otter spent most of the race in company with the stuttering Aero, finishing the first lap behind it but the second in front.

  1. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  2. Nicky Buckett and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  3. Brian Pollard and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun),
  4. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  5. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)
  6. John Buckett (Otter)
  7. Adam Hilton (Aero 5)

Retired: Vicki Duncalf (Topper)


Icicle 5

Vicki Duncalf timed it perfectly this time and got her Topper away first but couldn’t point high enough to maintain the position and was only the sixth boat to round Inlet, the first buoy. John Buckett’s Otter had also got away well and he was still third round Inlet but lost places subsequently. It was Nicky Buckett’s Bosun which did best; second to start but first round Inlet and West and Far, indeed she was still leading at the end of the lap. She was pursued by  Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7), a recovering Robin Spiller (Streaker) who’d had to turn back to avoid jumping the start and Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial) also making up for a slow start. Robin Spiller got past Jane Anderson before they reached Middle. The remarkable Otter was still fifth at the end of lap one but lost a place to the Bosun now helmed by Cilla Gilbert and crewed by Brian Pollard on lap two. The other Bosun lost the race lead before Inlet on the second lap and by the end had been passed by Robin Spiller, Jane Anderson and Nathan Pollard; applying the handicaps gave it back the victory.

  1. Nicky Buckett and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  2. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  3. John Buckett (Otter)
  4. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  5. Cilla Gilbert  and Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  6. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  7. Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)


Grateful thanks were given to John Dabbs who ran the races and took the photographs as well.

(Note to UTLSC members – results changed because computer had Robin with a Wave sail on his Streaker. Sorry Robin.)