15th September 2019 Race Report

Ladies / Gents / Gosling 7

On a bright sunny morning with light breeze from North North West, ten boats set off on a reduced distance course owing to a large fishing competition taking place.

This did not affect the competitiveness of the participants with James Pollard shooting off in a Blaze (literally) closely followed by brother Nathan (Laser) and Jane Anderson (Laser Radial) in the first group who remained as the first three throughout.

Next were Graham Joyce (Laser) and Roger Heasman (Streaker) also literally who exchanged blows until Joyce finally succumbed. Behind them another tussle featured John Buckett (Otter), Cilla Gilbert helming with Brian Pollard crew (Bosun) with John finally winning out, thence John Dabbs (Gull), the welcome return of Adeney Pooler (Graduate) and Vicki Duncalf (Topper) as the final three runners.

Line honours went to James Pollard who finished a couple of minutes ahead of Nathan Pollard and Anderson with Nathan Pollard having a five-second advantage. In the final showing though with handicaps applied it was Dabbs who was proclaimed as the winner with Anderson second and Roger Heasman third.

  1.   John Dabbs (Gull)
  2.   Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  3.   Roger Heasman (Streaker)
  4.   Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  5.   John Buckett (Otter)
  6.   Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  7.   James Pollard (Blaze)
  8.   Graham Joyce (Laser)
  9.   Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  10.   Adeney Pooler (Graduate)


THE afternoon sailing was a race for chocolate prizes with the results from the morning race combined for a bit of fun.

The race was slightly longer than that of the morning and the handicaps came more into play. With only eight boats competing it was the same trio of James Pollard (Blaze), Nathan Pollard (Laser) and Jane Anderson (Laser Radial) who as a group led from start to finish with Anderson dropping back and James Pollard pulling away towards the end.

Roger Heasman (Streaker) sailed well to finish narrowly behind the leading three. The two Johns (Buckett & Dabbs — Otter & Gull) along with Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun) swapped positions on several occasions during the race with Vicki Duncalf (Topper) bringing up the rear. Once again James won line honours but it was Anderson and Nathan Pollard who beat him back to third once was the handicaps applied.

  1.   Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  2.   Runner-up: Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  3.   James Pollard (Blaze)
  4.   Roger Heasman (Streaker)
  5.   John Dabbs (Gull)
  6.    John Buckett (Otter)
  7.   Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  8.   Cilla Gilbert & Brian Pollard (Bosun)

Overall Chocaholics

  1.   Jane Anderson (Laser Radial)
  2.   John Dabbs (Gull)
  3.   Roger Heasman (Streaker)
  4.   Nathan Pollard (Laser)
  5.   James Pollard (Blaze)
  6.   John Buckett (Otter)
  7.   Cilla Gilbert & Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  8.   Vicki Duncalf (Topper)

Jane was unable to eat chocolates so it was John, Roger and Nathan who munched away the prizes.

Thanks were given to Geoff Floyd and Paul Anderson for running the race and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.