Wednesday 3rd July 2019 Race Report

Midweek Mug 5

Linda Spiller’s Laser Radial was first over the line but by the time they had got to Inlet Nathan Pollard, with a bigger sail on his Laser had overtaken. Adam Hilton with Leila Farmer was the first of the Bosuns away but John Dabbs and Robin Spiller emerged ahead at West and the third Bosun, John Buckett’s (with Jane Chadney), got ahead on lap 2. Graham Joyce was finding the big sail on his Laser hard to handle in the gusts and eventually retired

  1. John Dabbs and Robin Spiller(Bosun)
  2. Linda Spiller (Laser Radial)
  3. John Buckett and Jane Chadney (Bosun)
  4. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  5. Adam Hilton and Leila Farmer (Bosun)
  6. Geoff Floyd (Solo)

Retired: Graham Joyce (Laser Full)

Many thanks  to Brian Pollard who ran the race and managed to take some pics as well.