7th August 2019 Race Report

Teatime Tankard 3

 Unusually, Steve Axford and Nathan Pollard who had larger-sized sails on their Lasers, came first and second on the water and on corrected time and Linda Spiller, who had the little sail on her Laser, came third on the water and corrected time! What do we make of that?

This was an improving afternoon with brisk west to northwest winds and big gusts. The Lake was littered with Picos, Toppers, paddle boards and canoes, which had some influence on the racing action. Steve Axford started first, the Bosuns second with John Dabbs and Cilla Gilbert briefly a nose ahead. Then came Nathan Pollard, Adam Hilton (Aero 5) and Linda Spiller. Nathan had passed the Bosuns by the second buoy (Inlet) and was close behind Steve at the top of the course (Pinky) and there was only 25 seconds between them at the end of that lap. The gap had grown to a minute and a half by the end. A long Linda/Adam battle resumed half way through the second lap when the Aero finally planed past Brian Pollard’s flying Bosun on the way back from Pinky. If Bosuns planed would anybody beat them? The Laser Radial and Aero 5 were very close at Dam Green at the end of lap 3 and continued to spar through lap 4. Linda benefitted from a swarm of paddle boards descending on Adam between Dam Green and the finish line!


1.       Steve Axford (Laser Radial)

2.       Nathan Pollard (Laser Radial)

3.       Linda Spiller (Laser 4.7)

4.       Brian Pollard and Bob Jiggens (Bosun)

5.       Adam Hilton (Aero 5)

6.       John Dabbs and Cilla Gilbert (Bosun)


Many thanks to Sally Wills who ran the race and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.