21st August 2019 Race Report

Teatime Tankard 5

The Buckett’s Bosun and the Hilton/Jiggens sister ship went over the line at much the same time but it was Nathan Pollard’s big sailed Laser which soon took the lead and by the time the fleet had made it’s way up to Far the order behind him was Sue Murray’s Laser, Roger Heasman’s Wayfarer and the flying Buckett Bosun.  Linda Spiller had had West White go wrong on her but clawed back a couple of places from seventh.  Leila Farmer was intrepid, touring the course in a Pico; her first race.

  1. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  2. Sue Murray (Laser Radial)
  3. Nicky and John Buckett (Bosun)
  4. Cilla Gilbert and Brian Pollard (Bosun)
  5. Adam Hilton and Bob Jiggens(Bosun)
  6. Roger Heasman and Sally Wills (Wayfarer)
  7. Linda Spiller (Laser Radial)
  8. Geoff Floyd (Solo)

Many thanks to Rob Spiller who ran the race.