Wednesday 4th November 2020 Race Report

Sue Murray had noticed the auspicious forecast and suggested a last race before we all lock ourselves in, put on five kilos and go stark stirring crazy. And the weather was indeed gorgeous, a beautiful sunny (cold) day with just enough north westerly wind to feel one was racing, although rounding Inlet, in the lee of the hill, was often a problem.
Bob Sampson (Laser) was first to go round the first boy (Zebra) of a short course that he had set. Sue Murray (Laser Radial) followed. At some point Linda Spiller (Laser) touched the Murray Laser and had to do forfeits. Rob Spiller (Streaker) and Adam Hilton (Solo) competed at the rear. Adam had got to the line too soon and had to do a voluntary 180 degrees to avoid crossing it too soon. He started last but managed to get past Rob after West by calling a dastardly starboard on him. The gap was never more than a length or two. On the last lap (of four) Rob overtook at Home2 and held the position round the sea cadets safety boat (a mark of the course) and across the finish line. He needn’t have bothered; the handicap gave Adam back the place.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Bob Sampson LASER 1075 34:43 0:32:18
2 Sue Murray LASER RADIAL 1115 36:40 0:32:53
3 Linda Spiller LASER 1075 36:03 0:33:32
4 Adam Hilton SOLO 1144 39:12 0:34:16
5 Robin Spiller STREAKER 1133 39:03 0:34:28

Many thanks to Bob Sampson for setting the course and starting the race.