4th April 2021 Race Report

Barnwell 1

Easter Sunday delivered what it had promised; a glorious sunny day with light winds. Thirteen boats were enticed onto the water for the first race of the season, only to find, once launched, that they drifted about, windless, like soap suds in a sink. By general consent the race was postponed for an hour by which time a fresh little, mostly north-westerly, breeze had appeared.

James Pollard’s rarely seen Blaze was first over the line and led the race, with James making the most of the dinghies 10 square metres of sail. But by the end of the first lap Bob Sampson’s Laser (with 3 square metres less sail area) had had a stint in the lead. On the second lap they came over the line with seconds between them and continued to swap places, Bob finishing the race nine seconds ahead.

John Dabbs, sailing with Penny Abbott in one of the two Bosuns in the race, had a very good start, getting away second, but could not maintain the advantage and Brian Pollard’s yellow-hulled Bosun, crewed by Cilla Gilbert, was the leading him at the end of each lap.

Nathan Pollard’s Laser spent the race at third, with Jane Anderson’s Laser Radial following. But it was Sue Murray’s Laser with the smallest of the available Laser sails, cruising round at fifth or sixth, that picked up second place when the handicaps were applied.


Rank Class HelmName CrewName Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 LASER Bob Sampson 1075 0:43:32 0:40:30
2 LASER 4.7 Sue Murray 1188 0:49:16 0:41:28
3 OTTER John Buckett 1278 0:53:36 0:41:56
4 BLAZE James Pollard 1033 0:43:41 0:42:17
5 LASER RADIAL Jane Anderson 1113 0:47:12 0:42:24
6 BOSUN Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert 1233 0:52:43 0:42:45
7 BOSUN John Dabbs Penny Abbott 1233 0:53:24 0:43:19
8 LASER Nathan Pollard 1075 0:46:50 0:43:34
9 LASER RADIAL Linda Spiller 1113 0:49:15 0:44:15
10 SOLO Adam Hilton 1144 0:51:29 0:45:00
11 STREAKER Robin Spiller 1134 0:52:08 0:45:58
12 TOPPER Vicki Duncalf 1334 1:01:55 0:46:25

Sailboat 1

The winds for the second race were of similar strength, if a little more westerly, and the fleet was reduced to ten boats. James Pollard again got away first and this time his Blaze led at the end of each lap but, with only a fifteen second lead over Bob Sampson at the end, the handicap demoted him to third. It was Jane Anderson, only managing tenth over the start line who, finishing third on the water, was given the victory by the handicap. Penny Abbott had taken the helm of John Dabbs Bosun and did very well, starting fourth and circulating at eighth and gaining fifth on handicap.


Rank Class HelmName CrewName Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 LASER RADIAL Jane Anderson 1113 0:41:45 0:37:31
2 LASER Bob Sampson 1075 0:40:41 0:37:51
3 BLAZE James Pollard 1033 0:40:26 0:39:08
4 LASER Nathan Pollard 1075 0:42:14 0:39:17
5 BOSUN Penny Abbott John Dabbs 1233 0:49:04 0:39:48
6 LASER 4.7 Sue Murray 1188 0:47:46 0:40:12
7 STREAKER Robin Spiller 1134 0:46:27 0:40:58
8 TOPPER Vicki Duncalf 1334 0:54:59 0:41:13
9 BOSUN Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert 1233 0:52:12 0:42:20
10 LASER RADIAL Linda Spiller 1113 0:47:54 0:43:02

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Grateful thanks were given to Paul Anderson who ran the races and took the photographs.