18th April 2021 Race Report

Barnwell 3

It was another sunny Sunday race with very little wind or, at times, none at all. What wind there was generally came from the north but breaths might appear from anywhere. The race was shortened to one lap which took an hour. Nine boats took the start and four Lasers, Sue Murray’s Radial initially leading, and John Buckett’s Otter got away. But it took an age for the rest of the fleet – Bosun, Streaker, Solo and Laser – to even cross the start line. On the way to Inlet Nathan Pollard (Laser Full) took the lead and went round Inlet, dreaded because in the lee of the hill but in practise no worse than anywhere else, in first place. Sue Murray, Bob Sampson (Laser Full) and Jane Anderson (Laser Radial) followed with John Bucket falling back into the tardier group.

Every member had a turn at the front of the leading Laser bunch but it was Jane Anderson who got hers over the finish line first. However a magic stream of air had taken the Solo from the second group up to the back of the leading Lasers and its advantageous handicap gave Adam Hilton the victory.

Rank Class HelmName CrewName Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 SOLO Adam Hilton 1144 1:01:29 0:53:45
2 LASER RADIAL Jane Anderson 1113 1:00:56 0:54:45
3 LASER RADIAL Sue Murray 1113 1:01:22 0:55:08
4 LASER Nathan Pollard 1075 1:01:03 0:56:47
5 LASER Bob Sampson 1075 1:01:07 0:56:51
6 OTTER John Buckett 1278 1:17:39 1:00:46
7 BOSUN John Dabbs Penny Abbott 1233 1:17:59 1:03:15
8 STREAKER Robin Spiller 1134 RET
8 LASER Paul Anderson 1075 RET


Sailboat 3

By the time the second race started a decent little northerly had appeared, quite strong enough to send the fleet around the course at around fifteen minutes a lap. Adam Hilton’s Solo got away first with Sue Murray and Nathan Pollard following but by the end of the first lap Bob Sampson had taken charge of the front of the field with Nathan Pollard following him and Jane Anderson next. The Bosun, now helmed by Penny Abbott, spent the race dicing with Robin Spiller’s Streaker. Linda Spiller’s Full Laser overtook Sue Murray’s Radial on lap 2 but the handicap hoisted Sue to fourth and demoted Linda to seventh.

Rank Class HelmName CrewName Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 LASER RADIAL Jane Anderson 1113 0:47:47 0:42:56
2 BOSUN Penny Abbott John Dabbs 1233 0:53:50 0:43:40
3 LASER Bob Sampson 1075 0:47:01 0:43:44
4 LASER RADIAL Sue Murray 1113 0:49:12 0:44:12
5 LASER Nathan Pollard 1075 0:47:34 0:44:15
6 SOLO Adam Hilton 1144 0:51:00 0:44:35
7 LASER Linda Spiller 1075 0:48:06 0:44:45
8 STREAKER Robin Spiller 1134 0:53:33 0:47:13
9 OTTER John Buckett 1278 RET

Grateful thanks were given to Brian Pollard, Officer of the Day, and to Mandy Pollard who took the photographs.

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