Wednesday 26th May 2021 Race Report

Wed 26 May 2021 Race Photos

(I have no idea why embedding the photos doesn’t work this week! So please click on the link above to see the photos)

Midweek Mug 5

A beautiful blue sky, fluffy white clouds topping the hills and a decent north-westerly breeze with not too frightening gusts; what more could the Midweek Mugs ask for?

A starboard start was the consensus, easily leaving  Zebra to starboard and hoping to reach Inlet on the second tack; not often achieved. John Dabbs’ Bosun with Adam Hilton as crew was away first but Sue Murray’s 4.7 was soon both in front and further to windward; she led well before Inlet and ended the four laps with a four minute lead over Robin Spiller (Streaker) who had overtaken the Dabbs Bosun on the way to Far on the first lap. This left Geoff Floyd as the filling in a Bosun sandwich, Roger Heasman’s Bosun (with Leila Farmer) making up the bottom slice. Geoff Floyd looked like escaping several times but never quite made it. Louise Witchell’s Bosun, disadvantaged by flying small sails, circulated at the rear.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Sue Murray LASER 4.7 1188 0:51:51 0:43:39
2 John Dabbs Adam Hilton BOSUN 1233 0:59:39 0:48:23
3 Robin Spiller STREAKER 1134 0:55:15 0:48:43
4 Roger Heasman Leila Farmer BOSUN 1233 1:00:23 0:48:58
5 Geoff Floyd SOLO 1144 1:00:08 0:52:34
6 Louise Witchell Colin Witchell BOSUN 1233 RET


Teatime Plate 1

John Dabbs, now with Robin Spiller as crew, was again away first, with Sue Murray again second and again pulling away soon. Stephanie Clarke, returning to Tamar racing after many years and with Bob Sampson as crew to remind her of anything she’d forgotten, was helming the Club’s Bosun. She started third but was second at Inlet and was only forty seconds behind Sue Murray at the finish of this two lap race, giving her the victory on handicap. The battle between Bosuns and Solo resumed. John Dabbs was just ahead at Inlet but Geoff Floyd was pulling ahead on the beat to West with Roger Heasman only just behind. Unfortunately Geoff’s Solo was nearly overwhelmed by a gust, took in a lot of Lake and sailed back to retire. On lap 2 Roger Heasman found himself in front of Dabbs/Spiller Bosun, the result of one misjudged tack by Quebec, and remained in third to the end.

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Stephanie Clarke Bob Sampson BOSUN 1233 0:33:47 0:27:24
2 Sue Murray LASER 4.7 1188 0:33:07 0:27:53
3 Roger Heasman Leila Farmer BOSUN 1233 0:35:59 0:29:11
4 John Dabbs Robin Spiller BOSUN 1233 0:36:49 0:29:52
5 Geoff Floyd SOLO 1144 RET

Grateful thanks were given to Linda Spiller, Officer of the Day and for taking photos