30th May 2021 Race Report


Tamar 3

Gentle but decidedly flukey easterlies had the fleet doing fifteen minute laps of a course that went up to Far with gybes a plenty on the way. It was warm and sunny and James Pollard got his Blaze over the start line first, was first around the first buoy, Dam Green, and was never headed. But his minute and a half lead at the finish was not enough to keep him in front on handicap. Behind him they scrambled around Dam Green in the order Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7), Nathan Pollard (Laser Full), Adam Hilton (Solo) and then the lead Bosun helmed by John Dabbs with Penny Abbott crewing.

Bob Sampson and Sue Murray were giving the RS200 its first run of the season and used its inherent speed to get up to third as they returned from Far on lap 1. By contrast the small sail on Jane Anderson’s Laser obliged her to relinquish several places, finishing sixth on the water but  she regained them when the handicaps were applied. The Bosuns were scrapping as usual, Brian Pollard (with Cilla Gilbert) finishing the first lap ahead before the Dabbs/Abbott boat established itself in seventh.

Rank Class HelmName CrewName Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 LASER Nathan Pollard 1075 00:58:48 0:54:42
2 LASER 4.7 Jane Anderson 1188 01:06:32 0:56:00
3 BLAZE James Pollard 1033 00:58:26 0:56:34
4 BOSUN John Dabbs Penny Abbott 1233 01:10:24 0:57:06
5 SOLO Adam Hilton 1144 01:05:36 0:57:21
6 LASER RADIAL Linda Spiller 1113 01:05:40 0:59:00
7 RS 200 Bob Sampson Sue Murray 1047 01:03:08 1:00:18
8 BOSUN Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert 1233 01:15:15 1:01:02
9 STREAKER Robin Spiller 1134 01:14:50 1:05:59
10 OTTER John Buckett 1278 RET


Tamar 4

The easterlies were slightly less erratic but still likely to shift and drop. The course now only went as far north as Pinky and in the event was shortened to three laps. Adam Hilton started first but James Pollard led round Dam Green and Jane Anderson (now with a Radial sail on her Laser) followed by Nathan Pollard were second and third on the way to Inlet. Linda Spiller was fifth but the RS200, now helmed by Sue Murray, was snapping at her heels by the end of the lap and went on overtaking until it was at the front at the end. The Blaze seemed to stop dead when the wind dropped below a certain speed and James Pollard found himself as low as sixth on the water. Meanwhile the Bosuns were not far apart and not far behind; they got promoted from eighth and ninth to first and second with John Buckett’s Otter coming up to third.

Rank Class HelmName CrewName Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 BOSUN John Dabbs Penny Abbott 1233 00:52:54 0:42:54
2 BOSUN Brian Pollard Cilla Gilbert 1233 00:53:40 0:43:32
3 OTTER John Buckett 1278 00:55:42 0:43:35
4 LASER RADIAL Jane Anderson 1113 00:48:51 0:43:53
5 LASER Nathan Pollard 1075 00:48:06 0:44:45
6 SOLO Adam Hilton 1144 00:51:15 0:44:48
7 RS 200 Bob Sampson Sue Murray 1047 00:47:54 0:45:45
8 STREAKER Robin Spiller 1134 00:52:45 0:46:31
9 LASER RADIAL Linda Spiller 1113 00:52:29 0:47:09
10 BLAZE James Pollard 1033 00:49:53 0:48:17

Grateful thanks were given to Roger Heasman, Officer of the Day, and to Mandy Pollard who took the photographs.