Wednesday 2nd June 2021 Race Report

Midweek Mug 6

It being half term, the Lake and its shore were littered with families and children together with a large contingent of sea-cadets. The winds were from the south and brought unaccustomed warmth to the Lake, despite it being an overcast day with occasional ominous dark clouds. Robin Spiller, Officer of the Day, wisely responded to these conditions by choosing a Home 2 start, thus avoiding the melée around the pontoon and setting up a demanding beat to reach Dam Green. From there the course went to Middle, crossed to West and ran to Far, making for a long and demanding beat back to the Dam.

The fleet unusually had more double-handers – three Bosuns – than single and it was Sue Murray’s Club Bosun (Bob Sampson crewing) that got over the line first. Adam Hilton’s Solo was however well to windward, setting off from the corner of the pontoon. Once out of the lee of the land, he was able to reach Dam Green first in one tack. The Solo was never again headed.

Linda Spiller (Laser Radial) had started fourth, too far towards the Home 2 end of the line, and took a couple of laps to overtake John Dabbs and Penny Abbott in their Bosun and then Sue Murray in hers. She finished nearly two minutes behind the Solo. The Murray/Sampson Bosun, at about three minutes behind, was given the victory by the handicaps.


Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Sue Murray Bob Sampson BOSUN 1233 1:00:00 0:48:40
2 Adam Hilton SOLO 1144 0:57:10 0:49:58
3 John Dabbs Penny Abbott BOSUN 1233 1:04:00 0:51:54
4 Linda Spiller LASER RADIAL 1113 0:58:48 0:52:50
5 Colin Witchell Louise Witchell BOSUN 1233 RET


Teatime Plate 2

There was a good shakeup of the double-hander partners of the fleet. Sue Murray separated from Bob Sampson and joined up with Ethan Walker. Bob went off to tutor Anna Walker in helming the family Hartley 12.2. John Dabbs and Penny Abbott swapped who wore the trousers. Roger Heasman’s Bosun joined in with Leila Farmer helming.

The Solo again got away well from its preferred corner of the pontoon. Linda Spiller’s Laser Radial didn’t get away as well as she would have liked but was soon chasing the Solo. On lap 3 she was ahead for a tack or two beating back from Far and on the final lap she had the Laser a boat’s length in front of the Solo as they crossed the line. Penny Abbott and John Dabbs eventually got past Sue Murray and Ethan Walker on the last lap only to loose their advantage shortly before the finish line. The Bosuns this time finished five minutes behind the single-handers, leaving the Solo to take victory. Anna Walker successfully finished her first race.


Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Adam Hilton SOLO 1144 1.00.20 0.52.44
2 Sue Murray Ethan Walker BOSUN 1233 1.05.20 0.52.59
3 Penny Abbott John Dabbs BOSUN 1233 1.05.50 0.53.24
4 Linda Spiller LASER RADIAL 1113 1.00.02 0.53.56
5 Anna Walker Bob Sampson HARTLEY 12.2 1188 1.17.03 1.04.51
6 Leila Farmer Roger Heasman BOSUN 1233 RET


Grateful thanks were given to Robin Spiller, Officer of the Day.