Wednesday 18th August 2021 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Roger’s Bosuns 2

Another not great day, unsunny, not reliably dry, the northwesterlies highly variable in strength and direction. Roger Heasman himself was occupied with builders so the fleet of Bosuns was reduced to the Pollards, John Dabbs with Adam Hilton and John Buckett with Stephanie Clark. She had been due to OOD but was converted to crew when Nicky Buckett kindly offered to run the races. The race itself turned out somewhat processional. Brian Pollard started well and seemed to lengthen his lead over John Dabbs on every leg. The Buckett/Clark Bosun never had a chance because it started from the Home 1 line when the rest started from Home 2!

1.       Brian and Nathan Pollard (Bosun)
2.       John Buckett and Stephanie Clark (Bosun)

John Dabbs and Adam Hilton (Bosun) retired


Roger’s Bosuns 5

The course was simplified from the nine mark job of the first race, starting from the far side of Home 1 but still going all the way up the Lake to Far. Brian Pollard again got away in the lead with again John Buckett following. The boats were closing up towards the end of the lap which employed the Sea Cadets RIB as the most southerly mark around which the competitors tightened up and tacked across towards the slipway before going about and crossing the line. Unfortunately for him but not for the interest of the racing, Brian Pollard tacked in front of John Buckett who called starboard on him. They touched and Brian was obliged to do penalty turns, allowing the Dabbs Bosun into second place. At West ‘Quebec’ was to windward and able to call starboard on ‘Bubbles’ coming into the buoy on port. This left John Dabbs sailing serenely away in first place, a lead he was able to increase before the end of this two lap race.


1. John Dabbs and Adam Hilton (Bosun – Quebec)
2. John Buckett and Stephanie Clark (Bosun – “Bubbles”!)
3. Brian and Nathan Pollard (Bosun)


Grateful thanks were given to Nicky Buckett who very kindly volunteered as Officer of the Day.