22nd August 2021 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Mandy Pollard

Commodore 5

The northerlies were considerably stronger than the twelve miles per hour forecast and many helms chose their sails with caution. Linda Spiller, Sue Murray and Jane Anderson put little 4.7s on their Lasers, Robin Spiller had a small ‘Wave’ sail on his Streaker and no one was sailing a Bosun without a crew. And indeed the winds for the first lap or two were strong and gusty although they moderated towards the end. Sue Murray, Jane Anderson and Adam Hilton got away well but the big-sailed Lasers soon asserted themselves, Bob Sampson leading every lap with Nathan Pollard and Paul Anderson equally consistently second and third. Indeed it was a race in which the potential of the boat seemed more important than the skill of the helm given that the boat-based handicaps could have been used to predict the order on the water. The Solo followed in fourth and the 4.7 Lasers in fifth, sixth and seventh with the Streaker Wave following and the Bosuns in ninth and tenth; all in the order the handicaps would suggest they should finish in. It was only Vicky Duncalf’s Topper coming in front of the Hartley 12.2, admirably helmed by Leila Farmer’s son Ethan, that broke the rule. This, however, was a race where the Club’s handicaps based on the helm’s past performance were applied and that made the results different from the order on the water.

  1. Bob Sampson (Laser Full)
  2. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  3. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  4. John Dabbs and John Buckett (Bosun)
  5. Adam Hilton (Solo).
  6. Linda Spiller (Laser 4.7)
  7. Brian Pollard and Debbie Fairhead (Bosun)
  8. Sue Murray (Laser 4.7)
  9. Robin Spiller (Streaker Wave)
  10. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  11. Ethan and Leila Farmer (Hartley 12)

Paul Anderson (Laser Full) retired


Spalding 5

Sue Murray, Vicki Duncalf and Jane Anderson were the leaders away from the start line with John Dabbs’ Bosun (now with Adam Hilton crewing) to windward of Roger Heasman’s (with Linda Spiller) closely following. But Nathan Pollard and Bob Sampson were not to be held back. It was Nathan’s turn to lead at the end of every lap and Bob’s to follow in second but perhaps the greater achievement was Sue Murray’s following in third with her little 4.7; a six and a half minute deficit to the leader being small enough after an hour’s racing to give her victory on handicap. Robin Spiller, now with a regular sail on his Streaker, pulled himself up to fourth and Roger Heasman easily led the Bosuns. Paul Anderson, on port tack, had to give way unexpectedly to a call of ‘starboard’ from a fast approaching Bosun and ended up in the drink. His wife lost time making sure that he was alright.

  1. Sue Murray (Laser 4.7)
  2. Nathan Pollard (Laser Full)
  3. Bob Sampson (Laser Full)
  4. Vicki Duncalf (Topper)
  5. Roger Heasman and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  6. Brian Pollard and Debbie Fairhead (Bosun)
  7. John Dabbs and Adam Hilton (Bosun)
  8. Jane Anderson (Laser 4.7)
  9. Robin Spiller (Streaker)

Paul Anderson (Laser Full) retired

Grateful thanks were given to Graham Joyce and Nicky Buckett for running the races and to Mandy Pollard for the photographs.