Wednesday 25th August 2021 Race Report

Teacake 2

The winds at the Dam had a great deal of east in them but past the middle of the Lake they became increasingly northerly until, in the second race, sailing north stopped being a reach and became a beat. The start was from the near end of the Home 2 line and if helms crossed the line reasonably close to the Home 2 buoy and had a boat willing to point high they could get to the first mark – the Sea Cadet RIB standing in for a buoy -  in one tack. Linda Spiller, her Laser carrying a full rig, did that and went from second over the line to first at that mark. Reaching all the way up to Far increased her lead which grew from then on and would have been more than three minutes over Adam Hilton’s Solo if she had not mistaken which side of Home 1 to finish and had to go back. Sue Murray, in the dark blue Club Bosun with Bob Sampson as crew, was third at the start but was displaced by John Dabbs’ Bosun and Robin Spiller’s Streaker. The Lake was sadly short of water and any excursion west of West White incurred the risk of grounding. The Heasman Bosun looked to have had that trouble. John Dabbs, finishing five and a half minutes behind Linda Spiller was promoted by the handicaps as was Sue Murray, who finished two heart beats behind John.

  1. .John Dabbs and (Bosun)
  2. Sue Murray and Bob Sampson (Bosun)
  3. Adam Hilton (Solo)
  4. Linda Spiller (Laser Full)
  5. Roger Heasman (Bosun)
  6. Robin Spiller (Streaker)
  7. Leila Farmer (Hartley 12)


Roger’s Bosuns 6

Brian and Nathan Pollard joined the fleet for the Bosun race and the others had got themselves crew, Leila Farmer for John Dabbs and Linda Spiller for Roger Heasman. Robin Spiller added his Streaker to the fleet. The course was modified, only going as far north as Pinky and including a leg from West to Middle.  And the winds were significantly stronger. Roger Heasman got away first, was first at Pinky but lost first place momentarily to John Dabbs between West and Middle before regaining it and holding onto a lead which continued to be contested . Brian Pollard had trouble at Middle and took a penalty. On the second lap Brian was close to Robin Spiller rounding the RIB but by the end of the lap he had got past the Dabbs/Farmer Bosun. On the third lap all three Bosuns were competing for the same water at Middle and the three of them finished only 13 seconds apart.

  1. Roger Heasman and Linda Spiller (Bosun)
  2. Brian and Nathan Pollard (Bosun)
  3. John Dabbs and Leila Farmer (Bosun)
  4. Robin Spiller (Streaker)

Grateful thanks were given to Colin and Louise Witchell, assisted by Nicky Buckett, the Officers of the Day.