18th Sep 2022 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

@Roadford Lake

Roadford Lake was sunny, chilly and glassy at 10am but by the start of the first race at 11.30 there was a little wind coming from points north – many points; it was very variable in both strength and direction. Most of the Tamar boats are now established with tie downs on the beach and therefore not too far from the water but the water is so far down that it’s still a sharp (and muddy) pull to get them back up. Five Tamar boats took to the water; Bob Sampson’s big Laser, Sue Murray and Linda Spiller’s Radials, Robin Spiller’s Streaker and Adam Hilton’s Solo.

The Roadford contingent consisted of three Supernovas, a big Laser, a pretty, varnished Firefly, a single-handed Wayfarer and a rather elegant Albacore. The RLSC Commodore, Richard Willows, designed the course, started the races and won both of them in his Supernova. Sue Murray got a second and a sixth on handicap and Bob Sampson a seventh and a fourth. Linda Spiller got a fifth and an eighth, Robin two ninths and Adam Hilton’s score would have looked better if he’d remembered to give his first race finish time; his second was seventh.

Results shown are copied from RLSC files.