Wed 14th Sep 2022 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

@ Roadford Lake

There was a good bit more blow than the 8mph south-easterlies forecast but it had subsided by the time we got on the water and the sun came out. Leila Farmer, crewing in John Dabbs’ Bosun, blew her whistle for the start and we set off towards a yellow buoy somewhere in that unfamiliarly large expanse of water. The Supernovas took to the front but Bob Sampson (Laser) kept up and the handicap gave him the win. Linda Spiller (Radial) drew away from Adam Hilton’s Solo. Geoff Floyd (Solo) followed along with the Bosun. Robin Spiller did two laps of the three in his Streaker. A nice little sail.

National PNs

Rank HelmName CrewName Class Rating Elapsed Corrected
1 Bob Sampson LASER 1100 00:53:02 0:48:13
2 Dave (RLSC) SUPERNOVA 1077 00:52:08 0:48:24
3 Steve (RLSC) SUPERNOVA 1077 00:52:30 0:48:45
4 Linda Spiller LASER RADIAL 1147 00:57:40 0:50:17
5 Adam Hilton SOLO 1142 00:59:33 0:52:09
6 John Dabbs Leila Farmer BOSUN 1232 01:07:00 0:54:23
7 Geoff Floyd SOLO 1142 01:04:00 0:56:03
8 Robin Spiller STREAKER 1128 RET

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