25th September 2022 Race Report

by Adam Hilton

Sheba Tobias

@Roadford Lake

This was the long-planned (thank you, John Dabbs) Roadford camping and dinner weekend but although several people sailed on Saturday no races took place.

Sunday was not a bad day at Roadford lake, chillier than of late despite a good deal of sun and very light, variable winds which started coming from the north and ended up from the west. The Roadford club had its complement of Supernovas on the water with a pinch of Lasers too. We were represented by Sue Murray and Linda Spiller in Radials, by Robin Spiller in his Streaker and by three Solos; Geoff Floyd’s, Adam Hilton’s and, for the first time, David Perrett’s much-refurbished, ex-John Savage, navy blue Solo. John Dabbs was around with Ian Chatterton as crew but not racing. And the Lake was graced with the presence of Toby and Sheba Tobias sailing their stately way up and down.

Roadford’s buoys are becoming more familiar and so the host club’s relaxed way of setting them – often changes are made on the water between back-to-back races – is less disconcerting. The start line on this Sunday was a flag on a post placed onshore opposite a buoy. The first mark was East, the second Oak, then across to Inlet and up to Tower and back to the start – a rough figure of eight.

Results taken from RLSC Facebook page

G Bond aka Geoff Floyd, John & Cilla Davies aka John Dabbs & Cilla Gilbert!!!

Congratulations Sue – Well Done members of UTLSC