Roadford weekend 24-25 Sept 2022

by John Dabbs

 John Dabbs

The relaxation of the Covid rules allowed us to re-start the annual Roadford Weekend this year after two years’ absence.  The date was originally chosen to coincide with the closure of Tamar Lake that weekend for a fishing competition.

The subsequent closure of Tamar Lake due to its low water level had persuaded eight of our members to temporarily transfer their boats to Roadford Lake so, supplemented by Toby’s Lugger and John Buckett’s Falmouth Bass boat, there was an ample pool of boats available to launch for this weekend without the need to trail additional boats from Tamar Lake.

Saturday provided us with a north-ish on-shore breeze in bright sunshine, which made for a challenging launch process through the exposed mud fronting the very low water level in the lake.  Reefed-down Lugger and Bass boats took to the water, as did brave Geoff in his Solo.  All paused for a Club community shore-based picnic lunch before venturing out again with a different crew selection.

John D had made a booking for dinner at the nearby Clovelly Arms pub in Bratton Clovelly, attended by ten of us.  Good pub grub, enhanced by an excellent pudding selection.

Our new-found friends from the Roadford Lake Sailing Club had invited us to join in their Sunday races, and six of us took up the challenge. See Adam’s Race Report

Meanwhile, others enjoyed pleasant sails around the lake in a moderated wind in the Bosun, Lugger and Falmouth Bass boats, interrupted only by a communal picnic lunch.

Apart from the memory of a weekend spent in the company of our Club members sailing together in fair weather, one lasting memory will be that of launching and recovering our boats through a particularly sticky mud at the water’s edge.